Hot Date Tron Guy Style

Yep, Tron Guy was on the infected hot date podcast. If you want to skip to the actual interview between Mr. Martin Sargent, Gator and Tron Guy, hop up to the 17:05 minute mark. I gained great knowledge. Martin made one good observation. The folks poking fun at the Tron Guy, are overweight internet boys sitting in their manties and eating lard chips.

Since we are on Valentine’s day left overs, I thought this commercial for Nintendo’s Rayman was cute.

Weather Update

Through the miracle of AJAX, the Zoyx Compound Weather Page auto-magically updates every 5 seconds. Only the initial table updates.

The images below this table are static. You will have to do the old school thing and hit the refresh button to get those to update.

Wagon Wheel is Out

I managed to get the wagon wheel out of that opening between the office and the basement. That would be the wagon wheel that is visible in this picture. The really cool thing is I didn’t get hurt during the extraction. Did a little damage to the opening, but that was to be expected. In that picture, that is the previous owner’s furniture, not mine.

I saw the “The Da Vinci Code” tonight. That was tonight’s Netflix movie. Long movie. A good story, but I have no inclination to read the book.

Moved the blue cube computer innards to another case. I am placing new guts into the blue cube case once the parts arrive. Windows Vista Home Premium edition will be installed on this computer. This is the version that has the Media Center stuff in it.

Indie Stands for Industrial

Discovered this fun 1989 Industrial song, “I Don’t Need God” by Greater Than One on YouTube. Never heard of this group before. I wonder how many more Wax Trax songs are on YouTube, that I haven’t discovered. I must continue my quest. I made a post on the Coyote forums with a list of previously discovered 80s industrial videos.

I Warned You!

I had first hand dealings with astronauts in Hermantown. Now a nation must deal with the wrath that is astronauts.

ORLANDO, Fla. – She was the Robochick. He was Billy-O. According to police, her obsession with him led her to drive 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, bringing with her a trench coat and wig, armed with a BB gun and pepper spray, and wearing a diaper to avoid bathroom breaks on the arduous drive.

You see, astro boys and girls are different from you and me. When they are implanted with an alien bein’, they tend to not act right in the head. The whole hormonal balance becomes a mish-mash of disarray. Please watch this educational video, and all will become clear.

In other news, Prince’s Super Bowl half time show was one of the best ever. However, the guitar was never considered phallus until Prince did his shadow puppet thing. Minnesotan’s hang their head in shame. Another note. When Prince played “All Along the Watchtower”, he was not covering Jimi Hendrix, he was covering another Minnesota native’s (Bob Dylan) song.

Kooking with Kurt

I have been doing the online dating thing. So a couple times a month, I drive on over to a local coffee shop, just for the opportunity to be shot down. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I order a chai tea at these joints. I have grown to like this brew. So after looking up a quick recipe on the intra-tubular, I headed into town and bought up the ingredients to make an instant chai. Here is the recipe I used.

Chai Tea Mix
Submitted by: Jo
Rated: 5 out of 5 by 297 members
Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 2 Minutes
Ready In: 32 Minutes
Yields: 36 servings
“A dry mix for instant Chai tea that you can keep on hand for those frequent Chai tea emergencies. It’s also a popular gift.”
1 cup nonfat dry milk powder
1 cup powdered non-dairy creamer
1 cup French vanilla flavored powdered
non-dairy creamer
2 1/2 cups white sugar
1 1/2 cups unsweetened instant tea
2 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1. In a large bowl, combine milk powder, non-dairy creamer, vanilla flavored creamer, sugar and instant tea. Stir in ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. In a blender or food processor, blend 1 cup at a time, until mixture is the consistency of fine powder.
2. To serve: Stir 2 heaping tablespoons Chai tea mixture into a mug of hot water.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2007 Printed from 2/6/2007

Yummy stuff! Although not as good as your Starbucks or Caribou concoctions. But passable. Might have to bring this mix to work to help me make it through the sleepy mornings.

We got above zero degrees today. We had 3 consecutive days below zero. The bad news is, there isn’t any above normal days expected in the next week. I am “wish-casting” that we will hit 30 degrees by Valentines day.

Fun Youtube’s that other folks have passed along to me. Speed Minesweeper | Making Noodles | Speed Balls | Overfeeding causes pigeons to become aggressive | There is a great lesson to be learned here | Iron Butterfly line dancing.


Over the weekend, we are expecting lows of 15 below and highs reaching zero degrees. You may be thinking, that must be typical for Minnesota. NO IT IS NOT! That is 20 degrees below normal of fucking cold shit weather.

I did see this coming. My seven year old car still had the factory battery in it. After a very wussy cold start at about 5 degrees above zero, my noggin told me that it was time to ditch the old, and bring in the new. So after some bloody knuckles from removing the old battery, I now have 575 fresh cold cranking amps of power.

Today was Groundhog Day. The only holiday with weather as the focal point. Then comes along these National Wear Red Day people. Trying to usurp our holiday. Yeah, it is for a good cause. But for cripes sake, choose a different day. Oh, I wore read today… blood red.

I wish I were in Miami. I am sure Fox Moorcock could do as good a job as David Caruso in CSI:Miami. In fact, Fox taught Dave his patented “place sunglasses on for dramatic effect” maneuver.

Oh yeah, I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey last night. Nope, still don’t get it. The sound track needs to be redone with Pink Floyd.

The Adventures of Fox Moorcock

– Played NTN trivia last night. One of the games was science fiction. The answer to one question was Michael Moorcock. The next question’s answer was Fox (as in Fox Mulder). At that point, everyone knew, my new pimp-daddy name from now on is Fox Moorcock.

– Still having problems with the furnace. My latest theory is the filter. Over a month ago, I started using thicker filters in hopes of removing some of the floating dust in my house. They may have been impeding flow enough that it was triggering another sensor to shut the furnace off after a few cycles. I put in a cheap 75¢ filter. As soon as I swapped in the thinner/cheaper filter, no problems.

– Received my reverse osmosis water filter. I do not trust the community water. The unit did not come with an adapter for my faucets. I e:mailed the retailer asking them to send me a fitting adapter. Here is the reply, “Usually adapters are not included with these systems since it fits standard faucets however we will send you adapters for your unit so you can hook it up to your faucet”. Wrong. I have standard faucets, this unit didn’t work with them. I did receive an adapter and “presto”, it worked. The retailer can go to hell for that deception. Or at least receive a low rating from me at

– The SonicCare tooth brush seems to be working. After a couple of weeks, I don’t seem to be accumulating as much build-up. The device takes some getting used to. The first use, the vibration was so intense that I couldn’t complete the 2 minute brushing cycle. When I did the upper inside teeth, the vibration on the roof of my mouth induced tears and snot flow. This additional flow when added to the drool, made for a pretty disgusting scene. Pressing on the roof of my mouth with my tongue does help dampen the vibration. So I can now finish a complete brushing cycle.

– I went to see a latino band at Famous Dave’s BBQ at Calhoun Square in Minneapolis. Very good band. Even better were the dancers. There were some interesting couples out there. An example: A 6 foot tall white girl, dancing with a 5 foot tall Hispanic man. The twirls for this couple were awkward, to say the least. I am guessing the crowd was about half Hispanic.

– The thumb image is my weight loss graph for January (click for biggerness). Yes, I am off to a slow start. Hopefully things will improve when I can get outside more. This treadmill jogging sucks. My new goal is to lose 20 pounds by the time the New Prague half-marathon approaches. That looks like a fun race to run.