What The Heck?

So what is this? Looks like a buried nest of some sort, that just had a hatch. I have no idea what kind of local critter would dig such a nest. There are couple other spots next to my driveway that look like they might be unhatched nests. I think the aliens have hatched. When the alien species takes over the world, you now know where they hatched from.

I did my first kayaking of the year a few days back. I did a quick tour of Gifford Lake, near the Minnesota River.


First off, I made a music video for Frontline Assembly’s, “The Storm”. Actually I fed Beat Harness some public domain clips, told it what special effects to use, and it did the rest. Not a whole lot of effort on my part.

Now about that upgrade. I made the first upgrade to the HTPC a couple days back. I swapped out the Sempron 3000+ CPU for an Athlon 64 X2 5600. So this new chip has two cores running at 2800 MHz. The Sempron was a single core running at 1600 MHz. Why didn’t I just buy the Athlon 64 X2 5600 when I first built this HTPC? If I recall correctly, the price was over $400 for this chip, while the Sempron was at $55. The price has since tumbled to $180.

So now I have plenty of power to run additional applications. The application I wanted to run the most is called Orb. This allows you to “place-shift” your TV connection. So now I can view my Charter cable TV connection anywhere there is a PC with a broadband connection.

I was also having problems with watching quicktime movies. That problem should be solved as well.

I took the opportunity to reload Windows Vista. I have never been able to play OpenGL games on this Vista-centric computer. I finally caved in and reloaded the operating system. That fixed the problem, I can now play Quake 3 and other OpenGL based games.

Bad Kitty

Spar the Kat was out all last night. I finally heard him scratching to come in around 830 AM. We now know why…

At least he apologized.