Taking it Apart

The realtor came by yesterday. Told me I had to take a bunch of stuff down to sell the house. The most painful was the geek room setup. So the projector and screen, the HTPC setup, and the stereo system are coming down. I am also moving down into the basement so once the upstairs is clean, it will stay clean. With this move, I am officially the creepy guy down in the basement.

As a bonus, I am canceling Comcast. No cable TV or internet from them. That will save me $100 a month. I have Qwest DSL for internet. So I will be down to the internet and over the air TV/radio for entertainment. That should suffice.

This job I have is a dead end. This move down into the cities is turning into one of the bigger mistakes I have made. Should of stayed in Duluth. A confession… about a month into living here (mid-September), I made a desperate call to Duluth to see if I could move back. That was denied, obviously.

Now that there is next to no hope of the job moving to Chanhassen, I am going to go into an application frenzy. Must find a forecaster job similar to the one in Duluth, so there is hope for a growing career. The first attempt will be in Eureka, CA. I heard there are hippies there… I should fit right in.

{insert clever segue here}

To prove that I listen to music other than hard synth music, here is Neko Case. The album I like is “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood”. It is labeled under Country. Had me duped. Here is the video for “Maybe Sparrow”. Neko has very haunting vocals… absolutely love it.


• It rained today… about an inch. Previous 40 days combined… about a half inch. Drought isn’t over but this is a start.

• I am finally moved in. I did the last bit of unpacking today. The boxes that were in the furnace room were unpacked. I also cleaned up the garage. The movers just dumped things in there. I finally moved stuff onto the shelves and other storage areas left by the previous owner. For the first time, I can park two cars in my garage.

• Now that I am moved in, I am thinking of moving out. The original plan called for my job to move from Farmington to Chanhassen. That doesn’t appear to be happening. Looks like I will be working out of Farmington for at least another 3.5 years, probably longer. I don’t want to do this commute for that long. So a move is probably in order. I will be contacting an agent in the next couple of days to get a plan together.

• I finally started the lawn mower that I used up in Duluth. Last fall, when I tried to start it, I couldn’t pull the cord… totally gummed up. I tried again today, and I was able to pull the rope. After many tries and plenty of gas, it fired. It was spitting smoke and oil through the muffler for a good five minutes, but it eventually cleaned up. Now I have three working mowers. Want one?

• Ministry will be releasing a mix album. A remix of their release. “Rio Grande Blood”. Should be out by Tuesday. Some preview tracks are available, the Yellow Cake and LiesLiesLies remixes.

Acoustic Ministry! A cover of a Grateful Dead song performed back in 1994. Al should of answered the call and become a folk singer. As it stands, this is the only time I have heard acoustic Ministry.

• Here is a young Trent Reznor, with his 80s band, “Exotic Birds” 1985. Also here is a young Trent standing next to an established Al Jourgenson. I’m thinkin’ this is circa 1988 or 89.

Hot Day

My thermometer hit 96 today. The official high was 98 at the airport. The more dramatic thing was the dewpoint rising from 57 degrees this morning to 70 degrees right now. Its the humidity, stupid. As I type this at 11 PM, the temperature is still 86 degrees. Thankfully the air conditioning has been fixed.

I spent the day floating down the Cannon River on my kayak with a friend. The river was running low, so there was a few rapids that we bottomed out on. These rapids were not very threatening. No need for a helmet. Plenty of new scratches on the bottom of my kayak.

We made use of the shuttle service provided by Cannon Falls canoe and bike. We brought our own kayaks, so the shuttle service was only $10 each. I managed to goop up enough so only small patches of sunburn exists. I was mainly dehydrated. I had a pretty bad headache when I got back to the compound. Some Ibuprofen mixed with plenty of water, plus a nap took care of that.

Duluth Bike Hike

While I was up visiting Goatgirl in Duluth, I did a bike hike. It was on the Munger trail between West Duluth and Carlton.

Found an old video on Youtube by the Swans, “Love of Life“. Swans are a very artistic band from the 80s. Mainly listen for the music. The video might give you seizures. If you are looking for a good Swan CD, give “The Great Annihilator” a spin. One of the best albums in the history of mankind!