Zoyx Attorney Leaving

Yep, the Zoyx Attorney / Physician / Career Counselor / Relationship Mediator is moving to Florida. Did she consult with me? Of course not. What about me? What about my needs! My life is so fucked now because of this.

Her current employer is going to let her telecommute from Florida. She received her new Dell laptop today. Apparently it does have a googal-phonic hyper-drive, which is essential for telecommuting such a great distance. I asked if it had a retina scanner for security. According to the Zoyx attorney, it has a rectum scanner. This begs the questions, do you have to “drop trou” in order to gain access to your computer? What if you are “soiled” at the time of scanning? Therefore will you need to use a bidet to ensure a clean rectal profile? Good computer security does require some inconvenience, but this seems a little excessive. I’m not so sure this is a good idea. This may require a “re-imagination”.

Seepage Update

After completing a do-it-yourself project, most people gloat with pride. I, meanwhile, feel great shame. I buried some drain pipe in front of the house, then raised the grade. I feel like I did something wrong. Plus it looks like shit. What I feel I did wrong is that I was supposed to take plastic from the wall, then stretch it under the drain pipe. I didn’t put any plastic down.

The thumb picture included with this post is a before picture. Where the shovel is, is probably where the water was getting in… that low spot there. The slope was toward the house in that location.

What I am going to do is bring in a landscaping contractor, and get his opinion. I really want to do a rework of the whole thing, not just do this patchwork job.

Back to My Addiction

I made an attempt at a romantic life a couple weeks back. Failed. The fling with this wonderful female was fun until the 2×4 plank of rejection planted itself in my face. So what do geeks like me do in situations like this? Go back to their ten foot by ten foot hut and finish composing their manifesto… or play with their computers… one of the two.

The ET:Quake Wars demo is out. So I have been playing this game a little bit. Also trying to figure out how to run a Quake Wars server. The server for this demo did come with linux binaries. So I downloaded and installed the demo’s server binaries onto my Ubuntu Linux computer. After about an hour and a half of swearing (damn touretes syndrome), I got the server up and running so I could join the game. No, I don’t plan on running a public server. This was just a little exercise to get me used to working with a debian based linux distro.

Oh yeah, the game is kinda fun to.

YouTube Nonsense

One of the longest youtube related forum threads in the world is right here. Only about 4 or 5 people contribute to this thread (I’m one of them) and the total audience is probably less than 20. We do cheat, we link to other video streaming sites besides youtube, and the occasional post without a video does slip in. I am posting this because the latest three clips to this thread were some of the best.

First is KT Tunstall performing “Black Horse And The Cherry Tree” live. I love this song, but I did not realize that she was her own backing band and vocals. Talented and geeky, she is the one for me.

It is far more fun misinterpreting lyrics than the actual lyrics, I think.

Finally, don’t download pirated movies. Some serious bad shit will happen.

This Is How We Do Things In The Country

I had all sorts of things planned for this weekend. Having your best buddy pass away has a tendency to kill your enthusiasm for a social life. I didn’t make it to greek fest, the LAN party or the Jordan 5k. Goatgirl was thinking of dropping down from Duluth this weekend. I told her not to bother, I wouldn’t be much company. As it turns out, she had a sick relative, so I would of missed her anyway. I did make it to the family party… that was this past evening. My family seems to be more supportive under such circumstances, in comparison to, say, co-workers.

Goatgirl is coming down for Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at the Triple Rock October 11th. I plan on tagging along, cowboy hat and belt buckle included. She is cool with this being a group event, so if you want to also tag along or meet us there, let me know. Here is a sampling of their live show, YouTube style. Yeah, it’s a bit raw, but you get the vibe that this is a hoppin’ good time.

I picked up a dish network receiver. Yes, I am going to cave in, and get pay TV going again. I bought this from some guy over on craigslist. He would not let me pick it up at his place. He insisted on a neutral meeting spot. Paranoia similar to internet dates that fudge on their names and ages. I guess I understand this paranoia a little bit, but it is still sad commentary on our society. I like being trusted. I’m really not as creepy as this blog portrays.

Spar’s Gone

I noticed Spar wasn’t eating anything Thursday morning. I went to work, but only for half a day. Came home, took Spar to the vet. He had lost 2.5 pounds since his visit a few months back. The blood tests came back the next day, found that he had kidney failure. According to the numbers, greater than 85% of his kidney cells were dead. Not much chance of coming back from that. The chances of getting him stabilized so he could live a comfortable life were slim. So I made the call to have him euthanized, which happened just a short time ago.

A video of happier times back in May of 2006.

Tayler Infomedia

One of my nephews has been busy. He is the brain-child behind Tayler Infomedia. When you get to the main site, you can see that he and his colleagues have put together some very useful web sites for the deaf community. The sites have been attracting attention and winning awards. A quick scan of the sites and you can see why. Very clean and professional look to them.

My nephew ditched his first name a few years ago, and has been going by his middle name, Tayler. This middle name was in honor of my Grandfather on my mother’s side. So thats where the name Tayler Infomedia comes from. Nice choice for a company name, has a distinguished sound to it.

Prostrate Massage

Catchy title, eh. Compensates for the inadequacy of this blog post.

So, I went to the fair again last Thursday. Hung out with a friend for the day and visited another friend working a Henna Tattoo tent. The weather was gorgeous, and the company was great. Probably the most memorable day at the fair for me.

I was lucky to meet Paul Douglas while visiting the henna tent… he was getting a tattoo for a spot on the 5 o’clock news. The conversation was brief and awkward. Mentioning that I was a weather man didn’t seem to pique his interest.

Saw the movie “Knocked Up” Friday evening. The movie had me laughing out loud many times, which is pretty tough to do. The person I was with was having giggle fits as well. A very fun movie. One thing though, is that you may not want this to be the first movie that you see with a potential girl friend. Imagine the movie “Knocked Up” being the movie that launches your relationship. A very interesting tone-setter.

Hung out at O’Gara’s bar Saturday Night with another friend. We split on the two games of pool (8-ball) and split on the two games of darts (cricket). A consensus was reached. The 20-something woman with the catholic girl outfit took first prize.

Today we kayaked on the St. Croix from Marine on St. Croix to Stillwater. Managed not to get run over by any power boats as we approached Stillwater. The last 4 miles or so of our journey were out of the no wake zone, so most boats were at full throttle. We stayed close to shore during this portion of the trip. Some really nice sand beaches on the St. Croix. I could waste an entire day or two on the right beach.

Since I have been the social butterfly the past week, I need to go back to being a hermit. Work needs to be done around the house. The most important being fixing the seepage problem in my basement.

Nope, not a single word about prostrate massage in this post. You should go here instead.