I’m Posting Already

I must post! For the simple reason, to get that picture from the previous post moved down a few notches. I get an uncomfortable twinge betwixt my legs when I view that toothy fish.

So the drywall guy is done. Another $350. Now I must purchase some paint and do a coat over his work. He did make an offer to “rock” the ceiling of my garage, only $400. That is hanging only, no taping.

While this upstairs job is going on, I am eying other projects around the house. Other jobs include:

New flooring in the office (where I am typing now). The orange shag has got to go. This office is also my mud room, so the new flooring has to handle mud, water and salt. I am leaning toward dropping in some bamboo flooring. Apparently it is relatively cheap, easy to install and looks better than faux wood laminate. This would be the test room. If it went well, I would consider installing this flooring in the two upstairs bedrooms.

Basement flooring. The idea I have for here is concrete staining or painting. Currently have brown carpeting in the basement. The carpeting is surrounding the wood burner, which I think is a bad idea. All those wood chips / saw dust falling into the carpet are a bitch to clean. Plus I am thinking potential fire hazard. With staining or painting, I can get an elegant looking and durable faux marble or granite floor. That would look great with my black walls.

Swap out the interior doors upstairs. Currently have those cheap, hollowed out doors. I would like to bring in solid, six panel, solid hardwood doors. Preferably in a lighter colored stain.

Make the storage room where the electrical box is, into a bedroom. The room is about 10′ by 12′. There is not direct heat or a closet in this room. There is an egress window, so we are legal in that regard. All I need to do here is to add a closet and open up a hole in the heat duct that is in the ceiling. For a closet, I like the idea of just buying something like this wardrobe storage unit from Ikea. I would mail order this, I really don’t care to go to Ikea. Once completed, I would have a four bedroom house. Heck, I could convert the office into a bedroom and it would be 5 bedrooms.

As mentioned, one problem with the storage room is the circuit breaker box is in there. It hums. I have discovered that it is the transformer for the doorbell that is humming. I don’t need no stinkin’ doorbell. Goes against my hermit lifestyle.

Stain or paint the porch. No small chore. This is an optional job – the porch is made out treated lumber, so it really doesn’t need another protective coating. Just doesn’t look very good.

Actually, come to think of it, all of these jobs are optional. It just would improve things dramatically around here.


I am going to be dating a lovely woman for the second time here shortly. A plea to my readers – I need a little advice. Would this movie coming out on the 18th called, “Teeth”, be a good 2nd date movie? Here is the trailer. What do you think?

Update: Booo! Only a limited release the first weekend – NY and LA only. I guess I’ll have to find another chick flick. Perhaps Cloverfield.

Renovation Update… with Pictures!

Click on the thumb image to view out from my kitchen into the dining room and living room. I got fancy with the picture – there is an inset picture that depicts pre-destruction in the lower right. As you can see, the drywall guy has been busy cleaning things up. Here is another picture looking into the kitchen from the Dining Room. Also an inset “before” picture.

Some change in plans. No breakfast bar, at least for now. The budget was getting out of hand, so we made a cut. That was one of the reasons I got that table/island hybrid. So this object will do two jobs in one for me. I’m a bachelor, and I doubt I will be hosting any formal parties. I really don’t need a high-end dining table. I did stash the extra wiring that was going to be used to electrify the bar into the wall. So if a future owner wants an island, the wire can be yanked out of the wall.

Couple of disappointments with the new counter tops. It will be 3 to 4 weeks before they will install. So we are talking 2nd week of February. Also found out that the sink I purchased won’t work as an under-mount. Lowes salesman said it would. Lier, lier. I will be returning it in the next day or two.

In other news, I found out I was first alternate for the job I applied for down in Slidell. So if the primary selectee turns down the job, I am going to Slidell, LA. I doubt that will happen – well, unless he/she meets with an unfortunate “accident”. I’m a kidder…

More Purging

The bedroom set is gone. Just got picked up. Will be delivered to my sister’s house, where my nephew will make use of it. He also wanted the comforter. DENIED!

Besides the refuse from the demolition, I tossed in the cat chair and an old twin sized futon into the dumpster. It was called the cat chair because that is the chair I let the cats claw and sleep in. The chair was all gnarled-up from the clawing. Since I have no cat, it had lost its purpose. That futon dated back to the mid-80s when I lived with my parents. To give me more room in the small bedroom, I threw out the bed that I had inherited from previous family members, and got that futon. It fit into my hippy-wannabe-lifestyle of the time. Both the chair and futon had sentimental value. It was sad to see them go.

We have done enough destruction in the house, the reconstruction should begin tomorrow. I have already done much of the base board/molding installation. The drywall dude should be here tomorrow morning to start patching things up in the kitchen area. The flooring installation is tentatively scheduled for the 28th and 29th. I don’t have a date yet on the kitchen counter top.

As I type this, I am ranked 164th out of over 10,000 players on the USDN Team Fortress server. I like hlstatsx for player ranking. Even though I suck, the stats make me look good. I will be jumping on the server after I am done with this blog post. If you want to see how I am doing, visit here.

Update: Moved up to 122nd. Not bad for a nights work.

Wonderlust King

Lots of running around the past two days. Yesterday:

• Bank for refinancing info. Mortgage rates have dropped a lot recently. Currently have a 6.25% 30 year mortgage. I could get a 15 year loan at 5.0%. I would save $170,000 over the course of the loan. Tempting, assuming I plan on staying here. The $4000 charges for the refi is the gotcha.
• Lowes – purchased a kitchen faucet, glue for molding and 3M command strips for a picture I want to hang. They didn’t have the kitchen sink I wanted.
• Flooring store. Picked up a few carpet samples and brought them home.
• At home, ate lunch, then picked out a carpet from the samples.
• Went back to the flooring place and asked them to price out the carpet with the sample I chose.
• Back to Lowes, purchased the plan B kitchen sink. A granite composite.
• Lighting place – picked out light fixture for dining room.
• Out to Cold Spring Granite in Eagan to pick out a slab for my kitchen counter tops.
• Then went to Burnsville Center to purchase a kitchen island/table (see picture).
• Drove home for a granola bar and chocolate milk dinner at my house.
• Then up to Golden Valley for Guy’s night to watch the original Terminator movie and talk classic video games.

So far today:

• Lowes to set up installation of counter tops. Discovered I picked out an expensive slab at Cold Spring Granite. Will have to make another trip out there to find one that is more in my budget.
• Flooring place to make first payment on the carpeting.
• Call back my bank’s fraud department to let them know that it is indeed me that is making all these purchases.

The numbers are rolling in. This project will easily go over $10k.

Polly Come Home

Electrocutioner: The electrician made his visit. Accomplished a lot. Moved two light switches, two dual outlets, a phone jack, fixed my outdoor light and prepped for the outlets that will go into the breakfast bar. Very happy with the result, no more electical stuff dangling about. Too bad it cost nearly $500 for the 4.5 hours he was here. Only $60 of that was parts – rest was labor.

Weight Loss: Another year, another attempt at weight loss. No real difference in approach. More water, less saturated fat, less fructose, and no trans fat. I was going to do a 24 hour water fast tomorrow to kick off the weight loss – a kind of a detox to get the new year of to a fresh start. I am losing enthusiasm for this… I feel like crap right now. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Spine Update: The results are in from the Orthopedist. I do not have one leg that is longer than the other. Well, not as pronounced as originally thought. He said about 3 mm difference. The Chiropractor came up with 9 mm. I also do not have a crookity pelvis. The reason for the bad looking x-ray from the chiropractor? Bad posture due to a sore back. I was favoring my right side because the sciatic nerve was bugging my right leg. I’m going to switch chiropractors. Friend has referred me to one that specializes in athletic related problems. I need a new regimen if I want to keep jogging.

Wii Hacking: First bit of Wii hacking. I managed to get a WiiMote to work with my PC using GlovePie. I haven’t found a utility for the WiiMote on my PC, but dammit, its working.

I would like to plop in a mod chip into my Wii. Because I have an older model (purchased used), I can use one of the more simpler mod chips. That is, one that requires only 6 solder points, instead of 29. The leading contender is the WiiKey. I am not sure I need to do a hardware hack, because it appears a software hack is nearly complete. This video would seem to indicate that. I will take a “wait and see” approach. I would like to see a homebrew scene get going. Nintendo should support this as well.

I Still Have Better Taste in Music Than You: Below is an Imeem playlist with some of the songs I liked from 2007. No particular order, except for the first song. “Mayday” by UNKLE is by far the song I have listened to the most from this years crop of songs. The list is mostly from stuff I heard on the Current. The Current right now is my primary source of new music. That might be a New Years Resolution, to find other sources for new music. Like, perhaps, Imeem.

Must be logged on to free account on Imeem.com in order to hear entire song.


I just checked the resolutions from last year – I am such a failure. Here is the scorecard…

Lose 30 lbs. • FAIL • What the heck was I thinking? I lost 6 lbs for the year. Would of been 12 if I hadn’t gained 6 lbs. in the month of December.

Stop wearing pants again • SUCCESS • My home is a pants free zone again. I still wear pants to work. I am such a conformist tool.

To become even more reclusive.• FAIL • I actually had a better social life than I did in 2006. May have to start on that tunnel system or move into a cave if I want that true hermit lifestyle.

Find Bin Laden • FAIL • But I will get you this year Mr. Bin, so help me! {raises fists in vengeful rage}

Teach my security Ninjas how to swim so they can pretend to be Muskrats. • FAIL • Ninjas were fired. I now have security pirates. My naval defense is much better now.

Stop stripping for free • FAIL • Even with my own stripper pole to practice on, I still have yet to get a paying gig.

Become an online stalker • SUCCESS • With the addition of many more social networking accounts and dating sites, I have a multi-pronged attack on the virtual stalker front.

Stop being a sissy and fight the bully who keeps stealing my milk money • FAIL • I still curl up in the fetal position and pee my pants when I see the local bully.

As far as new resolutions?

– Lose 40 lbs! I will use the medicinal leeches diet this time. Tried and true.

– Replace current furniture with either inflatable or vibrating furniture.

– Convince society that black is the new white.

– Grow a third nipple and vestigial tail.

– Install a Japanese style toilet.

– Finish my Manifesto on why women hate me.

We’ll see how this works out.

Happy New Year!

Back safely from a low-key New Year’s Eve Party. Now for the anti-hangover elixir.

Two glasses of Gookinaid Hydrolyte Orange Flavored Drink. Two Ibuprofin. Followed by a shot of pepto-bismol chaser. Then off to bed. Works every time.

I first-footed my own house. It is apparently acceptable to first-foot your own house, if you are not present at the stroke of midnight. I then proceded to give myself coal, salt and shortbread. It will be a glorious new year!