Happy GiDD

Today is the day between Good Friday and Easter.  So this is God is Dead Day.  For one day, you are responsible for your own morality and ethics.  No lookin’ to a higher power for guidance, buster.  No divine punishment or reward for your behavior, either. You are on your own.

This also marks the 30 year anniversary of me getting hit in the face with a golf club. The action of a neighbor kid accidentally doing a Tiger Woods to my mug, resulted in a hole in my cheek (17 stitches) and the loss of an incisor. Still have the nearly 30 year old bridge in my mouth.

So if you want to celebrate today by getting hit in the face with a golf club, be my guest. Today, there is no God to tell you if that is a good idea or not. But from one human to another, having celebrated GiDD in that way, my advice on a golf club to the face would be – that would be really, really retarded.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

09:59 Must have 8 inches of snow out there. I really suck as weather forecaster.

10:46 Had trouble deciding where this comic was going. I think in the end I like it… www.viruscomix.com/page433.html

13:34 Looks like the worst of the snow is done and the plow has been by. Time to snow blow.

14:28 Imprisoned no more! Removed snow from driveway. Melting pretty good, should have bare pavement by sunset.

17:49 Woke up from nap time. I don’t recall needing naps when I lived in Duluth.

18:06 I hope you are all enjoying "snow melt cam". Otter cam has nothing on this.

19:37 Completed 2 mile jog. The local roads were free of ice/snow. Thank you March sun.

20:44 Oops, visitors tomorrow. I’ll have to tidy up. I’m kidding, why would I do that?

20:45 Melting snow cam going down. I know, I know, you’ll miss it.

20:58 "I need help creating intergalactic peace." "Sorry, no time, watching cartoons."

20:59 Yep, watching Futurama. I am a Futurama virgin, so this is all new to me.

23:08 Tekzilla vidcast. Talking laptop upgrades. Frankenbooks!

23:58 Pop siren now. The science geek in this podcast reminds of my 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Hertel.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

11:44 Just finished the second coat of beige in the basement bathroom. Might as well be poo colored. Covering up my beautiful blue.

13:14 Looks like 5-10 inches of white shit tonight/tomorrow. Fuck.

14:21 I don’t like it when folks make references from the Alien movie that I don’t get. Been over 20 years since I saw that movie.

17:09 There is hope that this storm may pass mainly to the south.

17:28 Nearly a buck. Price at a gas station on the way to work. Gas $3.00 – Diesel $3.96. This better stop.

20:12 Just told everyone 3-6 inches. I’m fucked if we get more.

22:45 Doing laundry. I’ve been told women are turned on by a guy who does laundry. All lies!

22:47 Button broke on my cargo pants. Used a jeans button to replace it. Is that domestic enough for you ladies?

22:58 Listening to Security Now podcast.

00:23 @Scobleizer ZigZag is very cool tobacco wrap.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

12:36 Woke up at 630 after a restless sleep. Felt like crap (GI). Called in sick. Went back to bed. Woke up at noon. #

14:49 Just finished installing XP on Asus laptop. No Vista for awhile on this machine. #

16:28 Dumped off carpeting and padding at landfill. My VW wagon is now muddied. $47.50 #

18:34 Washed mud off of car. Needed Lime-Away to get hard water deposits off of wind shield. #

18:36 Pale Shelter is the best Tears for Fears song. Sorry if you disagree, but you’re wrong. #

18:37 Hit 50 degrees at the Zoyx Compound. Full sun made it a gorgeous day. #

20:07 Completed 2 mile jog. Really a pleasant evening. #

20:09 While jogging, a neighbor pulled up beside me in their Jeep to hand me an invite to their church for Easter. How cute! #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

07:11 Awake… another Chanhassen day. #

13:45 Diesel up to $3.93/gal. Hit the $50 pay at pump limit for the first time. #

23:09 I tried to install Vista SP1 before heading out this evening. Broke. Get blue screens now when I boot up the laptop. #

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First stop this evening was O’Garas. Met up with the folks that I play TF2 online with. Annoying live band in the background, didn’t play Freebird. Thee forum thread of interest.

I then visited mom. I did bring my laptop, but because I’m a knob, I forgot the Tayler DVD. So I dropped by my sisters on the way there to steal her copy of the DVD. Then off to the home, and I played most of the DVD. Had to wake my mom up, but since she has all day to sleep, I didn’t feel too guilty. I especially didn’t feel guilty because my mom was very appreciative of the surprise. Took her a few groggy moments to catch up to what was transpiring, but she was there, and enjoyed the entertainment. Not entirely sure, but I think this DVD made her day. Warm fuzzys.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:39 I was sent the video of an Orca landing on a kayaker. I naturally looked up if it was faked. It was… tinyurl.com/37j792 #

11:19 Currently running Vista, I would like to dual boot with XP. These look like the instructions… tinyurl.com/2mo66s #

11:20 Vista SP1 is coming, this is making me nervous. So having XP running as a fallback would make sense. #

13:30 The program that I handed off to a software engineer got an upgrade. Latest version… aviationweather.gov/testbed/cwagen/ #

14:32 Note to self… read this article… tinyurl.com/2wbzgw #

14:54 The weather gnome is getting covered in snow up here. #

14:58 I just took the last two M&Ms out of the green hat. Someone had to do it. #

15:28 I need a weather gnome like this… rubysrandom.blogspot.com/ #

21:21 We are wired to gather data. Thats why we have all these data streams constantly going. Which makes humans annoying. #

21:24 Listening to the TWiTcast. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

14:32 Watching Twins pre-season game. #

14:33 Timberwolves own the NBA season attendance record. 89-90 season when they played in the Metrodome. #

14:48 Fighting a headache today. Just took Ibuprofens # 3 and 4 just now. Too many games and dust yesterday. #

15:05 Off to Lowes. Buy more paint. #

16:45 I’m back. Went to the grocery store along the way. Getting outside didn’t do anything for the headache. #

17:01 Cookin’ up the veggie egg rolls. Mmmmm. #

17:03 Watching the TWiT cast. Currently in show prep. twit.tv/live #

21:31 9 PM, and I finally feel like working. Started taping off the basement bathroom for painting. #

23:11 Another Internet meme: Fail dogs… faildogs.com/ #

02:46 Oops, lost track of time playing TF2. Dammit. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:08 Got out of bed at 930… now listening to Saturday morning sports talk. #

10:42 Just purchased 80 Atari classic games for $19 off of Steam. Currently downloading. #

10:43 No Marble Madness… Dumasses. #

11:58 Reusse paraphrase: "Why is Antarctica a continent, and not Arctica". I think he was serious. #

15:08 Removing tackstrips in the basement. Zoyx attorney is having a tough time getting the live cam to work. #

16:46 Done working for the day, unless I get inspired to remove the carpet from the steps. #

16:46 No jog today. Temp is 30 degrees and I’m a wuss. #

20:01 Found a noob TF2 server. Feels good to get high score. #

22:50 Had high score on the team that was winning. Problem, the map wouldn’t end. I must of had 135 points before the map was forced quit. #

23:07 Found the stats for the server I was on. Can’t find my name, though. tinyurl.com/2nff5j #

23:09 Their page… concept-killers.com/evo/ #

23:25 Turned off Yahoo live cam and turned on video Skype. All I need now is a long distance relationship. #

23:26 Why do I feel like I just wasted the day away. #

00:07 OK, took the carpet off of the steps leading into the basement. Holy cow, that was the last straw. Off to bed. #

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