I Need Eyeballs!

This homebrew music video I made a year ago is so close to 10,000 views. We must push it over the top. So view it, dammit!

Daily Tweet Dump

18:33 A lovely walk on the Park Point beach earlier today. Surfs up! tinyurl.com/8qp5wx

21:52 Cripes, a bear is killiing Elvis Costello! Whew… thank god for this commercial, stopped the mauling. Elvis entrails threw me off my feed.

23:00 @Lileks Yes they did! It was on the their KISS-mas special. Guest stars were the Starland Vocal Band along with Steve & Eydie.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:46 Learned a new thing. When tigers talk, they don’t sound like Tigger, they sound more like Scooby Doo.

10:43 All bears sound like Ed Norton from the Honeymooners.

11:14 Mortgage rates are at all-time lows. Maybe its time to test the housing market again.

12:53 Lunch break at the Canvassing board. Franken took the lead this morning during the recount. Up by 266 votes currently. #franken #coleman

20:47 Song of the moment – is.gd/cCLV – Nice, cheap (5 dolla) download for the entire album at amazon right now.

22:42 I just saw the ankles of an amish woman. So erotic!

22:45 I have many autism features. One is repeating a song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and …

23:11 Started up the humidifiers. Surprised it took me this long into winter to do this. My tolerance for dry/flaky skin seems to be greater.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:55 Just found the kayak rental receipt from when I was in the Florida Everglades. January 2001, such simpler times.

11:28 @martinsargent Make sure someone records it. At work today. Blog the link if you do tape delay.

23:00 According to my calculations, I just did 2.55 miles on the Dakotah track in 20:20. That’s a 7:59 pace. No walkers were hurt during this run.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:26 Ran 28 laps at the track last night. 0.088 miiles per lap. So 2.47 miles. Took 20:15 to run that, so an 8:12 pace.

10:12 The video game arcades of my youth – is.gd/c9jx

10:17 I need a web based Twhirl. Make one!

18:34 Good article on easy vs. simple, when it comes to making a user interface. Using Windows 7 as an example. tinyurl.com/6pg798

23:11 If you don’t think a farting kitten is funny, then you just might as well be joining Al Qaeda there.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:37 Thanks Mr. Bush. This transition just got some entertainment. Glad you weren’t hurt. is.gd/bUaK

11:00 I agree that coffee shops can be pretentious and stuffy. I disagree that McDonalds is an appropriate alternative.

11:19 Just looked inside of my bathroom waste basket, and saw the spent toilet paper tubes. Do I really go through that much toilet paper?

11:25 Sometimes the silver spoon goes up your ass, and not in a good way.

11:33 Ending a sentence with “not in a good way”, is instant comedy. Let’s try: “I just chopped off my arm, and not in a good way”. Brilliant!

11:59 Blog Post… My Chuck E. Cheese Story tinyurl.com/5tjsht

23:58 @randytayler You know how men fall immediately to sleep after sex. Well, you can give that a try.

My Chuck E. Cheese Story

First off, Chuck E. Cheese (CEC) is still around. I didn’t know this. In fact, there are 7 of these in the Twin Cities area. Apparently in other parts of the country, CEC is a violence vector. Oh, just read the article.

Here is my CEC anecdote in all its lameness. I am at the CEC across the way from the Maplewood Mall. 1983 is the approximate year. Their Track and Field is set up for multiple rounds. In other words, after the 6 events, you start over, but with higher qualifying requirements. So I am playing Track n Field with my pencil and I am about a half hour into my one quarter. Their game guy walks over, turns off the machine during my game, mutters something about how I should let others to play, then sets the dip switches so you can only play one round per quarter. I was the only one in the arcade at the time. I leave.

I really need to embellish that story. Maybe have the guy shove and yell at me. Have a father get those paternal instincts going and start yelling at me for hogging the machine. Or perhaps have a hot babe be overwhelmed with my mad skillz and asks if she can show me her merkin. No, I am into truthiness.

I should share that I am composing this entry while watching Craig Ferguson interview Carmen Electra. They are talking about waxing and merkins. A very uplifting interview.


Daily Tweet Dump

11:19 Howard, it’s “immediacy of trajectory”. “Immediacy of height” doesn’t cut it.

12:06 Blog Post… Zoyx Investigative Reports tinyurl.com/6l6sq8

17:26 Just plugged in the car. Not leaving work for 3 more hours. Minus 9 and it is only 530 PM. Low of -15 to -20 will be easy to reach fro …

23:10 Signed up for a Dakotah Fitness membership. Forgot how much I hate locker rooms. Did 20 minutes of jogging. 15 minutes of basket shooting.

Zoyx Investigative Reports

Fred Cox was the place-kicker for the Minnesota Vikings from 1963 to 1977. He holds the Viking’s team record for most points scored with 1365. He only made 62% of his field goal attempts. By comparison, the current Viking’s kicker, Ryan Longwell, has made 82.1% of his field goal attempts, so far in his career. It should be noted that Fred was a “straight-on” kicker, while Longwell and all other modern place kickers, are “soccer-style”. You can see Fred’s approach in the video below.

There is also another claim to fame for Fred Cox, the inventor of the Nerf® Football. Says so right in Wikipedia. This very official looking web site also echoes that claim. Looks like Fred is quite the innovator.


This prominent internet user had his doubts. While growing up a Vikings fan, I never recalled this assertion about Mr. Cox’s ingenuity. I must dig deeper. I sent an email to Patrick Reusse, columnist for the StarTribune. He is also the author of “Minnesota Vikings: The Complete Illustrated History“. If that isn’t Viking history cred, I don’t know what is. I get a prompt response from Mr. Reusse to the question “Was Fred Cox the inventor of the Nerf® Football”:

I’m not aware of that.

There you have it! Not so definitive proof that Fred Cox may not have invented the Nerf® Football. This cold case is closed. Or maybe just temporarily shuttered.


Daily Tweet Dump

01:34 Lilly Allen’s latest – great song, fun video – tinyurl.com/6q9q48

01:59 Oops. Don’t place the UPS on top of the sub-woofer. Might vibrate off. Then your NAS might get corrupted. Speaking from experience.

02:42 Blog Post… Let’s Celebrate! tinyurl.com/5lmp42

08:20 Oh good, left the Drobo (my NAS) on last night to repair itself. Looks like a complete recovery.

08:22 35F degrees and raining out. I should shovel the remaining slush from my driveway before the cold front goes through. Then again…

10:01 Screwed up my temperature gauge. Heat from the chiminey is warming it. It isn’t 45 deg out right now. More like 35.

10:02 By this time tomorrow, it will be below zero temperature-wise. Watch the action here: home.zoyx.com/weather/vws742.jpg

10:08 Happy Monkey Day!! Take your simian to that posh restaurant. Stand up for him/her when the patrons are offended by the poo eating.

11:40 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1542635 – Beat the cold. 35 degrees out and drizzly. Slow run, recovery from a late night.

11:42 I’ve wasted 71,730 Seconds or 1,196 Minutes or 19.93 Hours or 0.83 Days with 2,391 Tweets on Twitter! tweetwasters.com

12:38 One of the best music videos every – tinyurl.com/6l8gbv – if anyone has a better version, let me know.

19:36 We need a more tasteful metaphor to replace “drinking the Kool-aid”. This metaphor is assoicated 900+ suicides. Maybe an e-meter metaphor.

22:05 Watching 1976 game between Vikes and Steelers.

22:09 55379 zip code here. High of 35 at around 11 am. Temperature is down to 5… home.zoyx.com/weather/

22:15 @randytayler Shhhh, I don’t want to know. It is fun watching the old commercials. Remember when TVs were made in America?

22:18 The extra point by Fred Cox is good! According to Wikipedia, Fred Cox invented the nerg footbal. I think Wikipedia is fibbing.

22:19 The extra point by Fred Cox is good! According to Wikipedia, Fred Cox invented the nerf footbal. I think Wikipedia is fibbing.

23:11 Why is Handbrake not working. Can’t handle this homemade DVD.