Daily Tweet Dump

14:36 New indoor running track record – 30 laps in 19:38 – works out to be a 7:12 pace.

17:18 @IMTBONE Yep, near mystic lake.

17:28 @IMTBONE Cool. Now that I have weekends off, I might look into that.

20:52 If vogueing is a sin, I will burn.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:13 RT @johnroderick: twitter.com/johnroderick/statuses/1192335029

12:18 Thinking of placing the house back on the market. Probably means moving the geek shrine out of the living room and into the basement.

21:15 Back from Frost/Nixon movie. Good movie, I like good history. Definitely got slow in parts.

22:25 Dirty power issues with breeze and rain. UPS for this computer is beeping randomly. Some light flicker as well.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:35 Pleased that I finally own a car that doesn’t burn/drip oil. VW Jetta TDI wagon. The previous 4 vehicles were Subarus.

11:23 @ambermacarthur Congrats! Pictures or it didn’t happen.

16:10 RT- @MNstories After 10 attempts, Chris Polydoroff rode in a hot air balloon from Hudson, WI and it looks breathtaking: is.gd/iQxj

16:55 @Lileks Any spent condoms nearby? I suspect hanky panky.

17:10 Neato – 3D games using latest nvdia drivers. Just need the funky 3D glasses. The free super bowl ones seem to work.

17:19 Forgot the link for the previous post – tinyurl.com/ce9jdh

23:40 Another day, another social network. Testing tumblr… zoyx.tumblr.com/

Daily Tweet Dump

15:41 RT @TheOnion – Libra: You’ll soon see yourself in a new light, which is too bad, as it’s the kind police use to check for semen stains.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:16 Friend broke her arm, her Newfoundland didn’t mean to do it… honest. Hoping she gets a bionic arm, because that would rule!

10:28 @howardtayler Like most celebrities, your creative energies are going elsewhere, not to twitter.

10:45 Retweeting @dbrady: People ask me, “Why use a cat in your antimatter experiment?” And I say “Because they’re about the same size as a baby.”

18:13 Missed the Mpls tweetup – a recap – bit.ly/a0pr

Daily Tweet Dump

08:48 The snowmen of central London – twitpic.com/1aqzj

09:07 Today is Weatherman’s day. I expect one of these gifts: is.gd/iukW.

12:19 Medieval Mayhem match ff.im/USxn

13:38 It is inpolite to point. Pointing with your middle finger is especially bad form.

14:13 I’m learning some new pick up lines… thought I’d share… www.hashtags.org/tag/amishpickuplines

14:40 An interesting discussion about web community that was on QPR – www.kungfugrippe.com/post/75672545/first

15:36 First outdoor run in nearly 2 months. Icy roads add a degree of difficulty. connect.garmin.com/activity/2017224

15:57 @wilw I bet you don’t like America either.