Daily Tweet Dump

09:20 @abigvictory I suppose you were on the verge of setting the building on fire.

21:22 Problems establishing a draft in my fireplace. Smoked up the house. Need to fix that. I wonder if there is an app for that?

Daily Tweet Dump

10:55 Insert liposuction joke here … RT @quakelive: “QUAKE LIVE will be going offline … to update our backend.”

14:51 @sarahlane Rockin’ good news!

18:29 Just did a “retweet” using twitter’s new beta retweet function. Didn’t forward to Facebook. This may be a good thing.

Daily Tweet Dump

17:25 No @ylnt, but… RT @Jordan_Morris: “This week on jjgo! @lonelysandwich was the guest and @chrisfairbanks was mentioned bit.ly/lvfAB

18:21 RT @sandwichpolice: “I feel like a pile of stuff in a thing. Too deep?”

20:25 RT @badbanana: “‘2012’ is an uplifting movie once you realize the Yankees are dead.”

Daily Tweet Dump

12:00 @fgustafson Google Reader?

12:15 Just broke my personal record for Wii Fit 10 minute hula hoop! You should of seen me!

15:34 RT @hotdogsladies: “Reality’s weirdly uninterested in what you believe.”

17:22 @davikes I hate Dallas more… Go Pack! Dallas is usually the unifying team between Pack & Vike fans.

17:47 Go Packers! The Cowboys make me say these dirty words.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:32 Twitter / Facebook coming to Xbox360. Xbox360 uses 160 watts, sounds like a dustbuster. Macmini 22 watts/quiet. I’ll stick with the mac.

11:59 Recommended reading, my Grandfather’s WW I memoir. 85 MB download. PDF format. bit.ly/2pBhXT

14:13 @SouhanStrib Actually rooting for the JackRabbits. Would make it easier to fire Brewster.

19:55 I just became the mayor of the center where I work on foursquare. I think I’ll start bossing people around. I’ll tell you how it goes.

Daily Tweet Dump

12:27 Finally happened, living room futon frame collapsed. Already have done many repairs to it. 11 years old, maybe time to defenestrate it.

12:33 When I was a poor college student, I built my own futon frame. Maybe i should do that again. Who am I kidding… off to Target.

13:38 Watch Tribes 2 – UltraXL Demo on Vimeo! vimeo.com/7597855 – Dates back to 2001

15:17 Ah-Ha! Found a purpose for phone books… propping up a collapsed futon frame.

15:20 RT @sween: “Just sitting here reading some comics drinking some chocolate milk. No YOU’RE a manboy.”

22:00 Today was my first attempt at occult meteorology. It was supposed to downpour frogs. Only patchy tadpoles. Gotta start somewhere.

22:39 Listening to the list of 700 mole man names. Up to 77… you can follow with me – 700molemen.com/list/

Daily Tweet Dump

10:57 RT @sween: Existential dread and cream soda don’t mix. “Life is meaningless! Death is our only reward!” “Hee-hee! I’m drinking cream soda!”

11:06 Worker is wearing light pink cargo shorts. Intriguing, but I think I will take a pass on that fad. Curious if it was a laundry incident.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:06 RT @thurrott: “The Call of Duty game we’re all waiting for! LOL. is.gd/4SAVW

09:30 I’ve been at work for 4.5 hours now… still sober.

09:36 Wx thing I learned from @hodgman: Ground hog sees shadow=longer sun angle=earth is out of its orbit =we will plunge into the sun in 6 weeks.

11:57 Know your meme: Auto-tune – meme.ly/1fPh9w – with help from @alyankovic

12:20 Animation on procrastination – bit.ly/2AfOaW – Procrastination is watching this animation.

17:58 Howard & Bill flic.kr/p/7f2T5f

22:48 Song that is stuck on repeat this evening – Ministry – Let’s Go (Dawn Of Oblivion mix) bit.ly/41fvFi

Daily Tweet Dump

08:49 RT @thedayhascome: “It feels so good to be back in my cubicle, because I missed that desperate, impending sense of doom.”

08:55 RT @zefrank: “a fired editor’s revenge :: bit.ly/2eqrZy

14:06 The number of the beast has been implanted between my shoulder blades, and a high fiber lunch has been completed. Life is good.

18:21 Listening to Hodgman audiobook: Cow lying down – rain. Unless part of blood letting ceremony… then cow is just tired – partly cloudy.

18:33 Seem to have rid the house of mice. Still have a problem with replicants. {Sigh} Time to call a Blade Runner.

22:19 Nighty-night. Don’t let the bed bugs crawl up your anus and lay their eggs.