Daily Tweet Dump

05:46 A couple of gmail tips I wish I knew about a long time ago – ow.ly/1p00T – Also explains the accidental emails I get on occasion.

06:17 This shall be my new work computer wallpaper – ow.ly/1p0ct

17:26 10k run: bit.ly/cSJJOo – First time under 8 min/mile for a 10k.

18:43 Purchased zoyx.biz to play with Google Apps Marketplace. Currently testing Aviary. Also have my own custom gmail. Want a zoyx.biz address?

Daily Tweet Dump

11:02 Another Lan party last night… up until 2 AM playing games in Hudson. At sisters now, showing her how to “cyber-stalk”.

18:44 White Bear Lake / Birchwood / Mahtomedi run: bit.ly/bxdddA

23:03 Purchased Far Cry 2 off the bargain bin a few weeks back. All I’ve done with it so far is benchmark my gaming rig – ow.ly/1oXth

23:27 Curious home-made music video – ow.ly/1oXCv – Song reminds me I should be out clubbing on a Sat night instead of turning in early.

00:04 Copyright-free punchline from last night, “That’s going to itch when it dries”. Use with discretion, may cause hemorrhaging.

Daily Tweet Dump

06:11 Lesson learned… if you hit a pedestrian in a dream, never take them to the hospital. They’ll just turn into a werewolf and maul you.

13:44 @blogkitten Now that the Gophs are out, I’m done.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:48 Meme Participation bit.ly/bmZNGi

08:58 @timwilsie Yep – ow.ly/1nNLA

09:03 RT @Shakopee: “Tired of the 494/169 bottleneck? Well, it’s about to change. bit.ly/ajf8pP

13:19 2 mile: bit.ly/aJanfu -Fastest 2 mile run in 8 years (13:53). Thank you recent weight loss.

13:21 Concerning my recent weight loss, one of my tricks – ow.ly/1nWg2

15:01 RT @JeffLast: “This is what a week of 50s and 60s will do to a state’s snowpack (animated GIF) j.mp/aVKUtd

18:52 Prior Lake Bike: bit.ly/9RYsUp – Lap around Spring/Prior Lake. Highlight was the McMansions on the eastern side.

19:27 “Matter Of Time” – Solid Gold – youtu.be/7TIrSHfpLLE – They made a video for this song. Happy!

19:54 The joys of urban biking – ow.ly/1o4vL – hippy.

20:32 All about obesity – ow.ly/1o54T – Author of this article is a former commissioner of FDA.

21:43 @sween How’s the manifesto going? I know of a nice, private 10×10 shack for privacy. Great place to make letter bombs as well.

Meme Participation

I participated in a meme started by John Hodgman on Facebook. He does that on occasion. I think he needs the material.


Here is the question he posed, “Create your own joke. This joke must not be able to produce laughter.” Here is my attempt.

Two guys, one dressed as Peter Pan, the other as a giant lobster. They crave a beer, so they start walking toward the local pub. They are attacked by a vampire, and this vampire bites into the the giant lobster. The vampire says, “This lobster tastes like chicken”. Peter Pan says, “No he doesn’t. With all this genetic engineering going on, chicken doesn’t taste like chicken”.

You better not laugh or I am forfeit. The thread is public, you can view it here.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:52 5k run: bit.ly/avaDZU – The Garmin had problems tracking initially in the sprinkles.

13:38 Montage of my childhood best friend – ow.ly/1n0VM – Put together by his sister. Warning.. it’s a tear-jerker.

14:12 My friends have a wonderful house for sale north of Lake Hiawatha in Mpls. – www.4143-26thave.com – Have a look!

Daily Tweet Dump

12:15 Shirts are lined up: Olive drab today, dark green tomorrow, bright green Wednesday. Haven’t figured out the pants… maybe I’ll skip’em.

17:42 More tech fail – my timing chip didn’t work for the TC 10 mile – ow.ly/1llgj – My name is no where to be found in the results.

20:08 Just called Texas, “Canada” during my weather brief. Curious to know how my brain confused the two. Must be the socialized health care.

20:54 @rands I’m hungry.

22:03 Remember to always check your floor mat fluid levels – toyotasimulator.com/

Daily Tweet Dump

11:51 @Zenkitty714 Well that post saved me a heavy breathing phone call.

12:18 If memory serves, parts of the local bike trail are under the MN River @ 18′- ow.ly/1kf57 -Using forecast, soon to be over 10′ under.

12:22 Sunny out. Temps teasing the 50s. I wonder how my bike is doing?

16:13 Shakopee Bike: bit.ly/dcEshv – Yep… the bike still works.

16:57 Podcast recommendation – ow.ly/1kqM3 – Specifically the portion with Ron Shock – from 18:15 to 68:20. @WTFpod

20:16 Peter Graves passed away to day… some words of wisdom from a great man – youtu.be/4IqR6UljJ2s

20:58 @Zenkitty714 I shall not be inhibited from what I enjoy – www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCwLirQS2-o

00:20 @bitterpuss With all the freaky genetic engineering going on, chicken doesn’t taste like chicken.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:49 TC 10 Mile: bit.ly/c4Iipy – Hit my goal time. My nipples are angry.

14:31 @Zenkitty714 I have Bag Balm for my chapped udders.

14:56 Dropped my car key fob at the beginning of this morning’s run. Minnesota nice was in action. At the lost & found when the race was done.

00:15 Back from Lan Party. Battlefield 2 was the primary game. On losing team all night. Still had fun.