I just don't have the patience for single player campaigns.

Fallout 3 – I get out of the bunker, only to find out I don't have a pistol, so I have to fight things with my fists. I quit.
Mirror's Edge – In the opening training, I am asked to cross a balance beam. You can't do this with a mouse/keyboard. You have to use a gamepad. I quit.
Bioshock 2 – Asked to hack a door with the remote hacking gun. First the game tells me to use the wrong keyboard key for "hacking". Then when I do use the correct key, the game says I have insufficient fluid. I quit.

Back to my Atari.

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Impulse Buyer

I now have 134 games in my Steam account. Plenty of game packs and specials have lured me. Percentage of games I have actually played for more than an hour? I'm guessing less than half. I may have to take a week off this winter just to play these unplayed games.

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I don’t understand my back

I go to bed Monday night feeling fine. I wake up around 4 AM with lower back pain. I get up and take an Ibuprofen, and go back to bed. Wake up at 8 AM, pain is still there and I walk around hunched over… another Ibuprofen. Still achy while at work, but gradually get better. I go to the gym, and do my usual routine of jogging, ellipting and basketball shooting without pain. I go to bed feeling good. At 2 AM, back pain is back, and it is worse than before. More Ibuprofen. I wake up at 8 AM, still extremely sore and can barely walk. Just 2 hours later, pain is nearly gone. Not sure what is going on, but I suspect the pattern is going to repeat the next few days.

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