Better 5k Run

Today's run in sunny mid 40s weather was a 5k at a 7:51 pace…27 seconds per mile faster than yesterday. The root cause for the improvement?  Instead of a spaghetti lunch, I had a PB&J sammich. So the lesson learned: If you plan on carb loading with pasta before a run, do it 12 hours before the run, not 4 hours. Might as well eat a brick.

By PB&J sammich, I mean almond butter with blueberry spread on whole grain bread. So I ate a hippy PB&J sammich.

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Budget Fix

I am trying to wrap my mind around these budget cuts that the house is trying to pass. My main concern is the 28% cut targeting the National Weather Service. That is definitely a head scratcher when you consider the other departments are so much chubbier when it comes to their budgets. The NWS in the Department of Commerce… notice how small of a slice for Commerce?

Yes, we need to balance the budget. Audit all departments, and trim the fat. We can trim billions without the loss of jobs. The department of defense is horribly inefficient…especially if you compare it to other countries. Then we need to return to the tax brackets that we had during the Clinton administration. We would then balance the budget in only a matter of a few years. During the 90s, the economy boomed with that slightly increased tax burden, and we balanced the budget.

I don’t think congress or the president understand this. These people need to stop listening to voters and start listening to economists, who generally agree with what I just said. Leaders mold consensus, not follow consensus.

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5k run

Another beautiful day, another outdoor run. The sad thing about this 5k run is that it was at a slower pace than the 10k run I did a few days back. I blame the spaghetti lunch.

I promise I will stop posting about my outdoor runs when the warm season is in full swing. I am just a bit euphoric about this 20 degree above normal weather we are having.

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I have just discovered the "Back to Work" podcast with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. I am currently going through the 5 episodes right now… listening to episode 3 now. This episode's topic is about ADHD. I am now convinced that I have a flavor of this. My reasons? I like video games, scattered attention, I'm twitchy and when I hear about a disorder I immediately think I have it. Another symptom is that drugs scare the crap out of me. I have never been on meds… well, outside of the synthroid. So since I won't take drugs, I've decided to become a monk.

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Dreams are weird

Last night's dream included…

1) An ecologist showing the damage from the excavation and installation of a pipeline
2) While hiking along the pipeline, someone needed sunblock, but I accidently packed elmers glue instead.
3) Inside a house now, an older Lucille Ball is presenting a lifetime achievement award as she sits behind a desk.
4) I piss inside of a small bucket, which then spills all over the room.
5) Everyone leaves the house, and I am left behind stuck in the house with the dog. His name is Sparky.
6) I find a shaft that looks like it will help me escape the house. I go down the shaft and find lit tunnels. I follow one of the tunnels… the tunnel ends in the basement.
7) I am lying in bed, Madonna picks up a rapid fire rubber band gun and starts Saying that Obama sank a cruise ship, and I need to take action.

Well, back to bed!

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Marc Maron at the Mall

I saw Marc Maron last night at the House of Comedy at the Mall of America. This morning Marc updated his mailing list and showed some tough love toward the Mall and the club. He said this same thing during his routine, so he can’t be accused of back-stabbing. Frankly, he is right. Here is the snippet from his post.

It Seemed Like the Stores Were Crying.

Okay, WTFers.

Dispatch from The Mall of America: We did what we could. I want to thank all the WTFers for making the trip out to the sad sleeping giant that is the MOA. If you are wondering what runs deeper in this country—democracy or shameless consumerism–I would have to say the latter. When I got to the mall on Thursday, I never thought I could feel bad for a mall. Even though I was psychically pummeled by the collapse of consumer capitalism, it seemed like the stores were crying. The sound of the empty roller coaster in the center of the mall sounded like mechanical scream for help.

When the weekend came at least there was life. Parades of displaced need, shame, and anger in the form of plodding people looking for something to fill the hole. I walked around for twenty minutes and felt drained and sad. If I had spent more time there I would have tried to find something to buy to refill me. That’s how it gets you.

The shows were as good as they could be given the club. It’s like performing in a plane hangar. Everything about the place seems designed to dwarf the performer—just what a comic needs—to feel small. The place seats about 400. There is no ceiling. There is a loud video/music onslaught before the show, you are brought out to twirling spotlights, there is an immense mural behind the stage that is actually more demanding of attention than I am AND the sound sucks. Intimacy was nearly impossible. We did great. I know it is not our natural habitat so thanks again for coming out. I actually sold out 3 shows.

A fantastic show worthy of much praise. Can’t wait until he is back in town again.

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