Today’s post

I am currently listening to the Bob Yates show (… a morning radio talk show out of Stillwater, MN (or should I say “the new Stillwater”). He has a healthy following, but is not the most popular… which I guess is because he comes off too high brow for most folks. Bob and his “Shock Kick”, Kel Gradke have a good chemistry and the friendly barbs are constantly flowing between the two. Toward the end of his 3 hour show (between 6:00 and 9:00 am CT), Bob and Wally Langfellow (from Minnesota Score magazine talk Minnesota sports. This is probably the most intelligent conversation concerning Minnesota sports around. Bob is trying to fire up a career as a playwright… his play “BIG BRENDA SHOCKS THE WORLD” has received some critical acclaim. Unfortunatly for me, up here in Duluth, MN, the only way to pic up Bob is via internet stream ( Although the stream is usually of better quality than is received from the low wattage AM radio station.

Next topic… lack of green color up here in Duluth. I am talking about the green foliage that is supposed to be on trees. The thunderstorm a couple days back finally kicked the trees in the fanny and we are just now starting to see some green stuff stick out of the branches. I am about to hop into a car and drive to the Twin Cities. The Minneapolis/St.Paul area has been greened out for almost a month now. I played my first round of golf over a month ago down there. It is no secret that I want a different environment. Green-ness and warmer temperatures do wonders for my mood.

North Dakota Has Trees

So there we are, looking at the visible satellite image over the upper midwest… admiring the latest snowfall that had occurred over the northern sections of North Dakota into southern Canada (in mid-bleeping May for cripes sake). Then WHAM!! There it was. A hole in the snow cover pattern. Huh. Looked up a topographical representation of the region and sure enough, a mesa called the Turtle Mountains was in this location. The trees on the mesa were darker than the surrounding snow covered terrain. Who’d a thunk it. To read more on this fascinating discovery, go here…


I started a Streamsicle ( server for my mp3 collection. Only 4 users maximum… but I doubt that will be a problem. Must have port 8000 (web page) and 6969 (actual stream) open in your firewall for this to work. The bit rate for the music is set for 64 kbit/sec.

Here is your link to get started…

Let me know if you can’t figure it out.