Atari Lynx

I was inspired by the Classic Game Room review of the Atari Lynx. There is actually some titles for the Lynx that I would like to play, so I leaped on to Ebay. So like I always do, I over-payed for an Atari Lynx II with 27 games. I have never owned a hand-held game console. No gameboy or Vita for me. Well, I have if you include those Mattel hand-helds from the 70s. And I did buy that Dingoo A320.

I did this at a time when I am trying to get rid of crap. So I need to get rid of two things to compensate for taking on this one thing. Time to go into the retro collection pile and find some things to sell or toss out. I really don’t want the label of being a hoarder.