Checked the rain guage, right around an inch of rain fell last night. Still drippy and yucky out. Only 42 degrees. I might just have to break down and cut the lawn for the first time after things dry up.

Bob is trying to help a listener fix the hiss that she is getting from her radio. I say, reboot, then reinstall Steam and then reinstall Counter-Stike. Should work then.

New drinking game… have a big fat swig of your favorite beverage whenever a national news cast says the word, “decapitated”. That seems to be the national media’s favorite shock word of the moment.

Move complete

I got all of my crap out of the Willernie House. Two hours of packing the car in Willernie this morning, a two plus hour drive up here to Duluth, then another couple of hours to unpack here at the Duluth house. I am now relaxing a bit, watching the Wolves/Kings playoff game. Wolves are playing lousy right now, but I think they have at least one more run before the game is over.

Let’s see, it was 70 degrees and sunny down in Willernie with full green out. Now in Duluth it is 48 degrees, cool wind off of the lake, and it now has begun to drizzle. Duluth still has a gray panorama. It is days like these, I loathe Duluth.

More fun

The original plan last night was to go out and hit Ground Zero in Minneapolis and enjoy Bondage a-go-go night. One of the best atmospheres ever assembled. The music is mainly techno with a little bit of industrial and goth thrown in. They have multiple projectors displaying music videos or psychedelic displays. There are “go-go” dancers, both male and female, on mini-stages and cages. The leather and spanky set are upstairs where various fetishes are fulfilled. A large dance floor is available, filled with outcasts who enjoy dressing for holloween every night. I am sure there is a drug scene here, although since I’m not into this stuff, I have a tough time spotting these people. Ground Zero is a great people watching place, but that is also a complaint. There are people who just show up to gawk (I am one of them), which hurts the energy to an extent. Ground Zero is pricey with a $6 entry fee… and the drink and beer cost is in the $3-5 range. To learn more about Ground Zero, here is your google search

So why didn’t I go? Well a rousing game of Risk diverted me, of course. The players included, a sister plus husband, a couple of nephews and a friend and his wife. Seven players, so we had to improvise a bit for this six player game… one player had to use buttons. Plus we had to change the starting count of armies to 18 instead of the 20 armies each in a 6 player game. During the game, we had more than one giggle fit, complete with spit takes. To top it all off, I won th match. I greatly appreciate them letting me win, the check is in the mail.

In summary, I had a lot more fun, with people I know, for a lot cheaper price. Safe to say I made the correct decision.

No More WLS Headquarters

Today may be the last full day I spend at the Willernie Leisure Society Headquarters. Yesterday I started packing stuff up for moving out. Plus I moved (with help) the couch, dresser and the 25 year old microwave that was in here. Today the bed and frame will be donated to a friend… I’ll be sleeping on a small futon tonight. I’ll also be moving stuff to my sisters house for temporary storage.

The potential buyer had this house inspected (as all house buyers should) and found some problems. There was a gas leak in the gas line coming into the house. Since it was a leak before reaching the house, the utility company fixed that for free. Then there was the electrical problems. To make a long story short, I had to replace the 60 amp service with 100 amp service. That I paid for… $1200. Ouch. The electrical inspector came out yesterday and said that the new service was installed correctly… but the old service needs some attention. I will have to cover up the old meter so water won’t get into the house.

The electrical problem was the last thing on the buyer’s fix-it list. I pre-signed my papers for the closing yesterday. If everything goes as expected, I should be rid of the WLS headquarters before Memorial Day.

Today’s post

I am currently listening to the Bob Yates show (http://bobyates.com)… a morning radio talk show out of Stillwater, MN (or should I say “the new Stillwater”). He has a healthy following, but is not the most popular… which I guess is because he comes off too high brow for most folks. Bob and his “Shock Kick”, Kel Gradke have a good chemistry and the friendly barbs are constantly flowing between the two. Toward the end of his 3 hour show (between 6:00 and 9:00 am CT), Bob and Wally Langfellow (from Minnesota Score magazine http://www.minnesotascore.com) talk Minnesota sports. This is probably the most intelligent conversation concerning Minnesota sports around. Bob is trying to fire up a career as a playwright… his play “BIG BRENDA SHOCKS THE WORLD” has received some critical acclaim. Unfortunatly for me, up here in Duluth, MN, the only way to pic up Bob is via internet stream (http://bobyates.com/listen.php). Although the stream is usually of better quality than is received from the low wattage AM radio station.

Next topic… lack of green color up here in Duluth. I am talking about the green foliage that is supposed to be on trees. The thunderstorm a couple days back finally kicked the trees in the fanny and we are just now starting to see some green stuff stick out of the branches. I am about to hop into a car and drive to the Twin Cities. The Minneapolis/St.Paul area has been greened out for almost a month now. I played my first round of golf over a month ago down there. It is no secret that I want a different environment. Green-ness and warmer temperatures do wonders for my mood.

North Dakota Has Trees

So there we are, looking at the visible satellite image over the upper midwest… admiring the latest snowfall that had occurred over the northern sections of North Dakota into southern Canada (in mid-bleeping May for cripes sake). Then WHAM!! There it was. A hole in the snow cover pattern. Huh. Looked up a topographical representation of the region and sure enough, a mesa called the Turtle Mountains was in this location. The trees on the mesa were darker than the surrounding snow covered terrain. Who’d a thunk it. To read more on this fascinating discovery, go here…



I started a Streamsicle (http://www.streamsicle.com) server for my mp3 collection. Only 4 users maximum… but I doubt that will be a problem. Must have port 8000 (web page) and 6969 (actual stream) open in your firewall for this to work. The bit rate for the music is set for 64 kbit/sec.

Here is your link to get started… http://games.zoyx.com:8000

Let me know if you can’t figure it out.