Put Shit Together Day!

I assembled one of those stand alone basketball hoops today. Including the two hours spent on it yesterday, this thing took me 6 hours to put together. I started at 10 AM this morning. When I finished, I walked into the house and saw the time. Here is a direct quote from me after I set my eyes on the clock, “TWO FUCKING O’CLOCK? TWO FUCKING O’CLOCK!“. Fortunately it wasn’t 2 AM or I would of been really pissed. I did get about 40 minutes of bucket shooting today – that helped settle my temper.

One thing that slowed me down was that 3 different neighbors came up and introduced themselves. Being a guy, I was focused on the job at hand and really didn’t care for the interruptions. When one of the neighbors started walking away, I said out loud to myself, “Now where was I?”. The neighbor retorted quickly, “I heard that!”. They are good neighbors. If I have any problems, sounds like they are more than willing to help.

The next thing I assembled was the patio fireplace. This only took about 20 minutes, thank god. Only 11 nuts ‘n bolts helped. I plan on using this as my incinerator for my sensitive documents, beside being a decoration for the patio.

Now I sit in front of my computer. All this work plus a two mile jog has made me quite odiferous. Not fun sitting in your own smell. I think some stinker needs a SHOW-WER…

Damn Jets

One negative about living 2 miles from an airport is the occasional air traffic overhead. It’s not bad usually, the Duluth airport isn’t all that busy. But today the Air National Guard is running a few sortes. The fighter jets are a bit louder than your typical commercial traffic, and they don’t take the same routes each time. Commercial traffic doesn’t route directly over my house, but I sometimes I get buzzed by a jet fighter. The good thing is that they usually only practice on Thursdays when the weather is good. I can live with that.

Fixed toilet

With pride and joy, I am proud to announce, I now have a fixed toilet. The old toilet had this water saving hardware inside the tank. I can’t really describe it. Well the plumber put in more conventional hardware – the flapper with a float inside the tank. Hmmm, I wonder how big the bill will be. Only took an hour… so $300… just a guess.

I’ve lost 3 lbs. somewhere along the line. This marathon running, moving and the big 4th weekend is probably the culprit. I haven’t really been paying attention to my food. Well thats a lie. I am consciously trying to eat less candy bars at work.

We are going to float down the Apple River this Saturday. If you want to join us, please post a comment with an e:mail address.

Edwards – the Untold Story

I heard Edwards was a child molester. I think he also likes to behead puppies, just for fun. I know it’s true because I read it on the internet… somewhere.

Let’s review

I cut the lawn yesterday. This was the first time in my life that I had used a riding lawn mower. I prefer my old push mower, I feel more in control. It did seem to cut down on the time to cut the lawn. We’ll give this thing a few more tries.

I bought some window shades. There is one window that lets in the morning sun – right on to my computer screen. I had to rectify that.

While hauling in stuff from the shopping trip, the cat escaped. I didn’t realize this until I was getting ready for bed. I have been trying to keep him indoors for the first couple of weeks to get used his new surroundings. He has been seeing critters and other cats since moving here, which has made him anxious to go out. He managed to do that at around 9 PM. At 4 AM I woke spontaneously and decided to get up and see if he was out there. I called him and after a couple of minutes I heard his weak meow. He slowly wandered up to the porch and came in.

The new dryer was delivered without a hitch at around 7:45 this morning. Testing it out as we speak. Seems to work.

Looks like I have a little bit of a leak from the main floor toilet. I noticed the drip this morning down in the basement. I’m guessing a plumber visit is in my future.

The high temperature at the Duluth airport (a little over 2 miles from here) yesterday was 55. I doubt it will reach that today.

I use Semagic for editing my Live Journal posts. I just updated to the newest version. Can’t seem to get the spell checker to work now. So have fun hunting down my spelling errors.

Happy, “Bite me England” Day

I survived the weekend, everything went fine. So I guess you can say I had an excellent weekend.

I drove down to the cites Friday morning. By 3 PM, me and a friend were out on the St. Croix River in our kayaks near the Kinnickinnic State Park. We launched down stream of the park and paddled upstream to the park. There was open boating in the area where we launched. We were the only paddlers in this area. We clung to the shore line because we feared a drunken boat driver would run us over if we ventured into the middle. Near the Kinnickinnic delta, there was a no wake zone, this is where we felt safe to cross the river. This sandy delta providing a good beach environment, lots of boats were grounded here enjoying the location. I was expecting more of a party atmosphere, given it was the 4th weekend. But it was more of a family atmosphere. Which was fine, although we were hoping to crash a party or two. After hanging out at the beaches for a couple hours, we paddled back. We figure we did about 5 miles worth paddling.

Saturday I played 9 holes of golf with the same friend. I got my first birdie of the season. My friend also got a bird when he hit one into a swamp. We saw the ball enter, then we heard a squeak, and then a black object flew upward then back down. A bunch of black birds flew up at the same time. We played at the Ponds of Battle Creek. A golf course that opened only a month or so ago. Built with significant help from level 1 prisoners from the Ramsey County Community Corrections Facility.

That night I played a lot of UT2004-Onslaught. Very rewarding. The most rewarding game was when I was the high scorer on the winning team in a tightly fought contest. This contest lasted over an hour. The entire battle was intense and I remember pounding the table and uttering a few f-bombs.

I went to a picnic at a house with a pool during the 4th. I forgot how fun pools are. Although, in order for them to be fun, it helps to have kids around. I also won a game of HORSE (a basketball shooting game) during this picnic.

That night we went to Forest Lake to watch the fireworks there. First we played Bingo in the legions carnival tent. Then we watched the fireworks, which started at 10:05 and lasted about 20 minutes. I liked these fireworks, They didn’t contain any of the ones that go up and just go BOOM. Both the near ground and aloft fireworks were equally pleasurable. We had near clear skies as well, which always helps.

The plan for today was to float down the Apple River. The weather was not going to cooperate. High of 70 with mostly cloudy skies.

So I drove back to the “Chalet” (my new house in Hermantown). Hopefully I can get the lawn cut, it needs it.

I’m Glad I Don’t Work for Living

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the big moving day. I picked up the U-haul truck at 7:30 in the morning and I arrived at the old house at 8:00. The hired help arrived a little after 8:30 (as requested). One of the guys was coming off of an overnight shift.

This turned out to be the hottest day of the year (84 degrees, gasp) so far. So the boys with a little help from me, moved all the big awkward stuff into the U-haul. These guys knew what they were doing, and packed that little U-haul really tight.

Once loaded, I drove it up to the new house. During the big climb out Duluth, the engine temperature maxed out… pegged way above the ‘H’. Thankfully the engine didn’t cease up.

Me and the hired help unloaded the truck. The first load, in total, took 4 hours. This 4 hours of help set me back $300, but it was well worth it.

I did a second load by myself. I didn’t pack it nearly as tight as the first load and only got about half as much stuff in there. When it came to unload, one of the new neighbors helped me. I think I am going to like this new neighborhood.

I managed to return the U-haul truck by 4:30 PM. I rented one of those $19.95/day trucks. With mileage and gas tacked on, the final tally was $75. That cheap truck wasn’t so cheap.

To review, before doing Grandmas Marathon, I weighed 215 lbs. After the marathon, 212 lbs. I did a good job of keeping up on the fluids and the heat wasn’t that overwhelming. During this move, I went from 215 to 210 lbs. It was quite a bit warmer and did not keep up on the fluids nearly as well.

After the move, I saw my first deer. I was on my way out to the car to go buy a new dryer. There he/she was, staring at me from my back yard. It had a “who the hell are you” look, I think this particular deer is regular to these parts and it is used to people. Speaking of deer, darn near hit a fawn during one of my trips with the rental truck. Actually the fawn was in no danger from me. The fawn had frozen in the middle of my lane and I saw this coming a long way away. I had to give a tap on the horn to get this guy moving. The fawn did make the correct decision and ran to the correct side of the road – the side of road that contained mom.

Yeah, I had to buy a new dryer. The old one that I moved was gas – the new house is set up for electric. The dryer I was using was a used one that I bought when I first moved here 5 years ago. The dryer always had a “klunk” to it. Like there was flattened part to a roller inside. I will be glad to get rid of it. The new one will be shipped to me on Tuesday. Meanwhile I will have to air dry my clothes.