My high score so far is 13560

PhE4r my L33Tinestitudability!!!11!

Another Week Finished

Kind of a rough week I guess. I spent much of my work time being a grump… and nobody likes a grump! I guess the lowlight was when on Wednesday, I put in the forecast a %50 chance of snow for Thursday morning. I then get up the next morning to 5 inches of snow. I double checked, there was no %50 about it. The stuff on the ground was %100 pure American snow. Someone might as well have hit me over the back the head with a 2 x 4. Waking up to something like that is not a good tone setter for the rest of your work day.

So when I get back from work on Thursday, I have to shovel out for the first time this year. I break out my mini 2 cycle snow blower and go to work on my driveway. One part of my manhood says I am a wuss for using such a puny little snow blower. The other part of my manhood says I am a wuss for even using a snow blower at all. I should be hand shoveling this lightweight snow. We guys have it so rough.


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Nothing to Say

No really fun thing in my life to mention. Well there might be some fun private thing going on, but I sure in hell ain’t gonna post it here. So I went to the “The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator” for my post. Here it goes…

Not much on my mind these days. I haven’t gotten anything done. I can’t be bothered with anything recently. I’ve just been letting everything wash over me these days, but shrug. So it goes. More or less nothing noteworthy happening recently. Whatever, eh?