I don’t care about this blog right now. As a result… a lull. I will give some quick bullets from last weekend, but don’t expect any great wit.

– Saw the movie “Sin City” twice on Saturday.

– Went to a Lan Party early Saturday. The interaction wasn’t all that great there. I think I spent 1 of the 6 hours playing a game against others at the party. The rest of the time was me playing against bots. I think it is coming if not already here. My gaming companions are losing/lost interest.

– Saturday evening, I went to the Zoyx attorney’s place for a small social gathering. Met a couple of potential members of the Zoyx firm. The test to enter the Zoyx practice are quite rigorous. Blowing cheetos through your nose is one of them.

– I brought Spar with me down to the condo for the first time. He was nervous and agitated the entire time there. Not surprising, he is getting really annoying, even at home. He is constantly meowing and sometimes howling. He also has energy to spare. I thought cats were supposed to sleep 20 hours a day. This guy seems to be awake far more than he sleeps. I guess thats a good thing, except he is really annoying when he is awake and I am trying to sleep.

– Watched the Vikings first game of the season. Looks like they are again on the path of mediocrity.

See… this post was dull… dull… dull. I really need to go on a wild sexcapade or something similar. After the wild sexcapade, I would have months of material because of all of the fun diseases I will have contracted.

Hmmm…still no post about last weekend

We had loads of fun last weekend.  Since I am a weather dude, this post about my trip to Pictured Rocks will be about the weather we faced.  These pictures will have to do for what sites we saw. 

For Friday, it was chilly with strong northwest winds.  This wasn’t that big of a deal, because this was primarily a drive day.  When we reached camp at 12 Mile Beach, waves were pounding the sand.  We had 4 footers that evening.  These waves were really cool, except for there was no way in heck we could kayak on seas like that.  High pressure was building in, so hope for calming seas was there.

On Saturday, the winds were still blowing out of the northwest.  The resulting waves were down to about 2 to 4 feet.  However, they were still too big for us to go kayaking.  So we went on a hike instead.  Those pictures linked earlier were from that day.  No thermometer was handy, but I am guessing that it hit the 40s Saturday night.

When we did go kayaking on Sunday, there was still a residual long period swell coming in, but the large scale winds were offshore.  By mid-afternoon, the exception to the offshore winds was the section between Mosquito Falls and Chapel Beach.  A zone of lake breeze kicked up while we were lounging at Chapel Beach. This stiff on-shore lake breeze was building some waves.  These waves were hitting the cliffs and bouncing back, resulting in chaotic seas.  Goatgirl and I were a little scared (all right, a lot scared) at this point because we were getting tossed around.  Our kayaks survived this section and stayed upright.  Then before reaching the arch near Mosquito Falls, we left the lake breeze section, and the wind became offshore again.  The waves were much more manageable when we reached this zone.

Interestingly, you could tell areas that had lake breeze and parts that didn’t.  Places that had offshore flow, the Cumulus clouds were flowing over the lake.  Where there was a lake breeze, no Cumulus clouds over the lake.

Sunday night, the temperature was a good 10 degrees warmer… maybe even more.  Monday was drive back day.  High on this day was well into the 80s under partly cloudy skies.

Sorry for the boring weather talk.  I should of talked about the exciting sexcapade Goatgirl and I had. Well, I would of talked about that, but there wasn’t one. We are quite the boring couple, sorry.


The before/after pictures below are on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, in Slidell. My first apartment in Slidell was a little over a mile, along the shore, to the west from here. At the southern tip of this picture, at the end of the peninsula, was a seafood restaurant. A very popular place amongst the locals. All gone.

Click the images to make them bigger.

Rampant Consumerism

I bought…

An 8 person tent… to be used by 2 people.
A queen-sized air mattress
Air pump for the mattress
Hand sanitizer
Fleece sleeping bag. This will be used to line my current inadequate sleeping bag
A Ball Cap
Granola Bars
Trail Mix
Coconut Rum
Hard Apple Cider
Coca Cola

…and other shit

I think I spent over $200 today.

Trip East

Goatgirl and I will be traveling east this weekend. We shall paint the Pictured Rocks of Upper Michigan red. So if there is a lack of blog updates over this coming weekend, that would be your reason. I will be bringing my laptop, but I doubt I will run across any open networks at the campgrounds. I have given Goatgirl orders to perform stupid things, so I have blog material when I get back.

I didn’t cancel my Media Com internet connection – the cable TV is gone, however. I will probably return my ClearWire modem today. I will give them another try in a month or two. I like the basic premise of the technology, but I have my doubts that they have removed all of the major bugs. Give them time.

Off to Gander Mountain to buy camping shit. I want one of those hand crank flashlight/radios. I wonder of Gander has them. I do have one of those flashlights that looks like a noodly appendage though.