Not intense at all

The previous post said I was going to do something less intense than floating down the Apple River for 8 hours. I lied. I just did nearly 3 hours of biking on fairly hilly terrain. Here is the motionbased page on what I did. I am tired… time to hit the hot tub.

I also uploaded the biking I did near Prior Lake back on Thursday. Here is that trace.

I’m related to you, whether you like it or not

Yesterday I went tube floating down the Apple River. Absolutely perfect weather. High temperature was around 90 and clouds during the day were scarce.

The day on the river was relatively quiet due to not many folks on the river. Which was odd considering it was July 4th weekend and the weather was perfect. No real theory as to why. I am proud of myself in that the only sunburn I had was small patches near my shoulders. Those were the only spots I missed when I gooped up on sunblock. I wore a t-shirt in the river, which also helped keep the burning down.

Me and the party I was with were extremely tired and hungry after our two runs (over 8 hours). I took them to 3 seasons restaurant for a meal and malts.

I was asked to go down for another float today on another river. I didn’t go. I am still feeling leftover sickies from my flu two weeks ago. I will do something today, but probably not as intense as a river float.

Fun article of the day, everybody is related to you. Even those nasty terrorists. This article will explain.

Time to see Pig

I’m on vacation, so I am not updating like I should. This little time off is being spent in the Twin Cities. I drove down on Wednesday. The only exciting thing I did on Thursday was to drive down to the Prior Lake area and do some biking around.

Last night has been the fun night so far. I started the night a little after 3 PM at Palmer’s. I was the first one there. Gradually, folks trickled in as they got off work. By 4:30 we had 7 people at our table. Around 6 PM we staggered over to the Viking Bar. There was a good, laid back, blues band there. The picture associated with this post was taken at the Viking. At the Viking, we lost 4 people, so it was me and a couple of the ladies by the time we zig-zagged over to Bullwinkles at around 8 PM. The girls took shots of some Jagermeister/Red Bull concoction. Red flags were flashing in my brain, telling me not to join in. Probably was a good choice, because within an hour, one of the girls was puking on the street. The night ended for me at around 1 AM. That would be 10 hours of drinking. It has been a long time since I have done that.

Today was recovery day. Although I was pretty much over the hangover by noon. I forced a jog out of my body in the early afternoon. Then I played 9 holes of golf between 5 PM and 7 PM at Goodrich golf course. Shot a 45, so I was pleased.

Tonight I was flirting with idea of going to the Pig concert at Red Sea. Here is a sample Pig song from the mid-90s. I think I am going to wuss out. The evening show is all-ages. Probably a crowd I don’t want to hang out with. I wasn’t paying attention, and I missed the over-21 show during the afternoon.