Daily Tweet Dump

11:46 What is an appropriate gift for your parole officer?

22:56 Question: Hey Kurt, why the crazy? Answer: Pon farr.

Daily Tweet Dump

18:42 @extralife Problems with kids on your lawn again, eh?

19:24 I am very disappointed the Twins didn’t wear the powder blue throw back uniforms.

Daily Tweet Dump

12:24 I am declaring this Atari Super Pong bricked. What should I do with the housing? Planter? Aquarium? Candle holder?

13:04 Broken Super Pong [pic] ff.im/1W8gu

16:38 Sun is out… 3″ of snow from last night is nearly gone. Back from $200+ spending spree… Target, Cub, Lowes. Thanks sweatshop workers!

17:20 Wine taster – “smells purple”.

17:20 I have been asked to use the #ChatShow hash in a tweet. I am such a tool.

20:08 Watching CEO of Tesla on the Kevin Pollak show. Daimler has contracted Tesla tech to make the all-electric Smart car. Cool!

21:34 So if I buy the @MacHeist bundle, do I have to shit on twitter about my purchase? Seems to be a requirement.

21:50 OK, I bought the effing @MacHeist 3 bundle, now where is my effing cookie!!

21:56 Just purchased the @MacHeist 3 bundle. A little secret, I purchased it from within Vista. {Snicker}.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:14 Whatever happened to the “turbo” button. Life needs a turbo button. Every so often you need to go to 11.

12:02 @hotdogsladies I saw a woman jogging backwards at a indoor fitness track. I think we are looking at the next dangerous fitness fad.

13:02 Me and my machete… is.gd/qKtA

13:08 Me and my Machete [pic] ff.im/1VaYj

17:54 I own a custom bowling ball and shoes. Does that make me a freak?

17:58 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/2944378 – First run with the heart rate monitor. Heart rate in the 160s during runs.

22:02 Snowing out. Maybe I won’t go out and drive amongst the drunks.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:51 “It’s easy to be cynical about Facebook, but it’s a lot harder to tear it out of the web with your bare hands and throw it in a lake.” – MM

11:33 @god … that isn’t the real Colbert… this is @StephenAtHome.

11:50 @ylnt Have the archaeologists found the missing episode 1?

12:16 @hotdogsladies Why did you post a link to iTunes instead of to your own web site. Why???

15:47 Funspot ff.im/1UgM8

Daily Tweet Dump

08:37 Fun quote from the Tiki Bar, “Now that you have conformed to our way, we can now accept you, just as you are”.

10:07 Happy April Fools Boxing Day!

10:10 Did laundry – does nothing for me. Maybe if I took my clothes to the pond and hit them with rocks, I would have a sense of accomplishment.

16:17 @commandertim I’m inspired. Picture-fest of my consoles and other vid game projetcs coming this weekend.

16:51 Midway Tech/Customer Support – “I’m sorry but there is no support for a USB mouse for Midway Arcade Treasures.” Me – “BOOOOOOO”

17:03 Looks like I am ordering a SmartJoy Frag for mouse emulation on my PS2. Better work!

18:06 Maybe I’ll be seeing Ladytron tonight… so many options.

23:41 All Mame front-ends annoy me. Good at elegant – sucky at simple.

00:08 I really would love to be an alcoholic. But just one beer, and the heartburn engine kicks in. Any buzz is then negated.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:00 Last year, I looked forward to April 1st. This year I am annoyed. Don’t know what the difference is.

18:21 Finally own a Playstation 2 after being on the market for over 8 years. I am not… what’s the term… oh, an early adopter.

Daily Tweet Dump

21:04 Fixing Tele-games Super Pong… Fail. Repair futon frame… Success. Building personal nuclear reactor… work in progress.