Daily Tweet Dump

10:29 Bye week for the Vikings. A good drill on what it will be like when they move away.

10:30 RT @aedison: “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like. Cookies, mainly. Cookies.”

12:00 @jonathancoulton Yah’know that jailbreaking your Iphone is an act of terrorism. Contacting DHS.

14:10 Leave Pile 2009 flic.kr/p/7e6SGV

14:11 Maple Tree Fall 2009 flic.kr/p/7eaKi9

15:26 @davikes Pardon my OCD… should be ‘losing’, not ‘loosing’.

17:20 Albino Squirrel Video flic.kr/p/7edRqG

22:06 RT @jdickerson: “Amazing New York story of chance and near death. bit.ly/2d8wqG ” #longreads

Daily Tweet Dump

08:38 @levarburton I heard that if you feed a cheeseburger to an astronaut, they blow-up. Try it!

09:48 Apparently the cheapest place to buy a droid phone is at Sears. Still haven’t decided which niece/nephew to sell into slavery.

13:51 RT @aedison: twitter.com/aedison/statuses/5513339630

16:54 Raked the front yard, then did this bike ride – bit.ly/1rdOTy – nice to see folks in their shorts in November.

21:57 Audiosurf tonight… “Whiteout” by Killing Joke was the most intense game – bit.ly/2cv03a – pleased with that hi-score.

Daily Tweet Dump

14:23 OpenOfficeMouse – is.gd/4P4Vc – Perfect for the WoW gamer.

15:08 Good entertainment in the reviews for this book – bit.ly/47qOIV – Yeah, page down.

16:20 Your droid phone mega-review – bit.ly/SuhYh – Now off to sell that kidney so I can buy one.

19:07 @abigvictory Tired of Phillies winning every year. Nice to see victory from those upstart Yanks from that blink-and-you-miss-it town of NY.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:06 Pond has ice on it. Which means the pond heater isn’t working. Probably the batteries.

08:18 Snurk – RT @algore: My formidable opponent – Stephen Colbert: bit.ly/oACwd

10:31 Playing with HTML this morning – home.zoyx.com/wxBrief/ – LONG LIVE FRAMES !!!111!!!11

13:51 Unreal Development Kit is now a free download – www.udk.com – Now to code up that game.

14:38 A Pack fan at the Onion? Probably – RT @TheOnion: Sports: Brett Favre Avenges Storied 16-Year Career With Packers ow.ly/15ZGYz

17:12 Your smart phone comparo – bit.ly/4F8tgO – The cost of ownership numbers make me twitch.

20:32 Twitter phasing in official ReTweet feature, making it easier for sheep to regurgitate half-understood sound bites – PLEASE RETWEET!

Daily Tweet Dump

11:56 OK kids, I have the cameras set up. So if the house is TP’d when I get home from work, I’ll be huntin’ urchins. So get off my lawn!

16:46 My new desktop :: bit.ly/3IllDB

18:06 When I get a google wave account, I shall be studying this :: completewaveguide.com/

20:58 Looks like the Zephyrs are making another run :: bit.ly/3gcwRk

21:46 Back from work… nice to see the house wasn’t set on fire.

23:14 Watching a 2 hour interview with Kevin Pollak & Weird Al Yankovic. 2 F-ing hours?!? :: bit.ly/44QrV5