More Power Point Bullets

• Called a local chimney cleaner. The chimney for the house will be inspected, then cleaned, either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Only $200 smackers for this service. If the chimney passes inspection, a wood burner I shall buy.

• Bought one of those globe-shaped paper shades for my living room swag lamp. Maybe in a month or two I will make use of it.

• Bought the kitty a catnip mouse to play with. He played with it for a solid half hour. No, he doesn’t look stoned, but he does have a case of the munchies.

• Concerning my cold bug. If I think of it, I can feel my throat is still somewhat swollen. Otherwise I feel fine. This will be the last post on this fucking virus.

• The “tree fort” house that I fell in love with last summer, and came within inches of purchasing, is still on the market. I guess I am not the only one who thought that the footings being really close to a running creek was a bad idea.

• It is going to get cold tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if International Falls hits minus 30 deg F… for the forth time this year.

• Mutant Storm update… Score: 944200 Level: 23. I think I have played Mutant Storm more that the Half-Life 2 single player. All that says is that I am, well, old.

The Back, it is Hurting

As predicted, it took over 2 hours to shovel out the driveway. We had over 9″ of snow officially at the weather office. The small 2 cycle snow blower did manage to do the main part of my driveway, but I had to hand shovel the snow plow pile at the end of the driveway. That pile alone took one hour. The hand shoveling is probably the main reason I am aching so much right now. I would prefer a 20″ or more wide blower with at least twice the horsepower. Looks like no major storms in the next week or so. That will give me time to start poking around stores to see if there is anything that I like.

Still have a sore throat. It is getting better each day, but this is day 5. If it is still here 2 days from now, I will start to wonder if it is something other than remnants of my cold. I did go to work last night, but only worked 6 hours.

I just celebrated the one month mark with my current flame. This is quite the accomplishment considering my past track record, the holidays, and all the days I’ve been sick. I guess that makes her my girl friend. Cool! For future reference, her online handle is “Goatgirl”.

Mutant Storm update: Score 890060, Level 19. Level 20 is proving to be a bitch. This game looks great on the projector!

Mutant Storm

Before I start yapping away on Mutant Storm, a couple of items.

First my cold. I am actually feeling a little better. The sore throat is probably half way to recovery. Still hurts to swallow, but talking and coughing don’t cause pain anymore. I slept about 10 hours last night, which is probably the main reason I’m feeling better. At this rate I should be ready for work tomorrow night.

Snowing like crazy. I sure hope I am feeling better tomorrow, because I suspect I will have about two hours of work ahead of me concerning shoveling out my house. The current forecast is for 6 to 10 inches by morning.

Now on to Mutant Storm. To pass the time while I am home sick, I purchased, then downloaded the game Mutant Storm. The game is just like Robotron and Smash TV. You shoot with one joystick and a second joystick controls movement. You fight wave after wave of meanies that come after you. One subtle difference from Robotron is that in Robotron you only had 8 directions to move and fire. With an analog controller, you can shoot and move in any 2D direction. As far as looks, Mutant Storm has all sorts of eye candy, and has a acid-trip look to it. The authors claim a 3D experience…well kinda. Yes, the playing field does skew perspective for you as you move around, but the game play is still 2-dimensional.

This game uses the Torque engine made by GarageGames. As a result of using a cross platform engine, this game can be played on Linux and Mac based PCs, as well as Windows. In order to trip like I do, you will need a dual analog game controller. I use the Saitek Rumble. My high score so far (starting from the beginning) is 374700. I have completed 12 levels. The game has 89 levels total.

Update 8:48 PM: score: 552780 – Level 18