Legal Advice

The extremely thorough Zoyx legal conclave are in the basement of the local VFW, trying to decide what new class action law suit to bring forth. No white puffs of smoke so far. This means they will continue to be locked up until they come up with a good money sucking scheme. As additional incentive, they will only be fed stuff from this menu. One of the lawyers did forward some legal advice to me via messenger albatross. A new technique for beating a breathalyser. That could work.

Daylight Savings Time, My New Holiday


Absolutely gorgeous day today. I took off work an hour early today. Then I did a 16 mile bike trip. I trekked from my house, biked around Pike Lake, then headed back home. I did this route about 3 times last year. I had to wear shoes (usually wear sandals when biking) and a jacket. I was fine in my shorts. No I didn’t wear biker shorts. I don’t like showing folks my camel toe.

After that I took my laptop out onto one of my balconies and played a game of UT2004-Onslaught. Here are the stats from that one game. Hard to see the screen even though I had the laptop in the shade. I also ate a bowl of soup while I was out there. My legs got chilled eventually because the chair was cutting the circulation to them.

Here it is 7:20 PM and the sun is still streaming into my house. Still 50 degrees out there as well. We hit 59 degrees for a high. No getting away from it, spring is here. I cannot believe the hit the snow has taken in the past two weeks. I had nearly 2 feet of snow pack. Now only the places that are heavily shaded still have snow. I’ll be raking in a week or so if this keeps up.

Janeane Garofalo

I just found out via Wikipedia, that I was born on the same exact day as Miss Janeane Garofalo. We both turned 40 years old back on September 28. Like any crazed internet boy, I posted on her online forum. I proclaimed this great discovery in a forum thread. As you can see, the forum regulars were not impressed. Although I think the problem was that I came on a bit too creepy. Creepy can be fun, however, if done correctly. If I keep posting, I think they will figure out what I’m all about., but they still won’t be impressed. Such is life in Internet Land.

The Angry Weatherman

If I were a TV weatherman, I would have days like this… lots of days (1 MB wmv video). This segment is from the Upright Citizens Brigade, episode 9, second season – Hurricane episode. You might want to save the video to your hard drive, then view.