Apple River Fun

I had fun on the Apple River today. I just would like to get rid of some bad habits by the next time we go.

• No more binge drinking. I am tired of baby sitting the binge drinkers that tag along. I have to stop drinking because somebody has to stay sober. I get grouchy because of this and yell. Nothing in particular, just random screaming.

• No more beer bongs or hard liquer. Goes with item above.

• Be on time and stay together. Today we had one of our guys fall behind a good 15 minutes by himself. This caused unnecessary worry on my part. I’m a worrier, call it a personality flaw.

• Don’t bring extra gadgets along. Bringing the cell phone along… bad idea. Everything gets wet on the river, no matter how much water proofing you use. Also bringing that bag full of crap with the fishing rod was really bad form. Nay, beyond bad form… retarded. I don’t care if you did catch a small mouth, still retarded.

• The “chasing of tail” resulting in us stopping when we are running late. Fucking annoying. This also makes me quite grouchy and want to scream.

I don’t think I will go down the river again unless new rules are instituted. I’m getting too old for this crap.

Sneaky Snake

I’m at the new condo. The closing went fine. The moving of stuff went fine. Didn’t get that round of golf in. I went to the all-class reunion and no one that I knew was there. I did manage to make a new friend or two during my brief time I was there.

Concerning this internet connection I have right now. I was supposed to have DSL through Qwest setup. They didn’t even get the phone line connected. I did get a nice e:mail stating that it was connected. But it was all lies… lies I tell you! So here I am, outside at a picnic table near the pool. It is dark now. Thankfully some kind soul has left his/her wireless internet connection open, so I can barge in and steal a few bits and bytes. Thank you, whoever you are.

I probably should get to bed. I have a big day floating down urine filled river water, swilling beer and trying to catch a glimpse of some skin. Big day indeed.

Big Weekend

So I am going to close on the condo tomorrow around noon. I have been scrounging, buying and then packing all sorts of stuff for my new “pad”. So after closing, I will be unloading this pile o’ stuff and jamming it into the condo. Then it is off to move the big ‘ol couch that my brother has been storing for the past 14 months.

The goal is to get all moved in my mid-afternoon so I can get a round of golf in. The golf game can be easily canceled if time gets tight, we didn’t set a tee time.

Then it is off to the Mahtomedi all-class reunion at the Dug Out Bar. I am planning on dressing up real freaky. I have a reputation to maintain.

Saturday is floating down the Apple River day. We will be beginning at Rivers Edge. Yes, it will be a bunch of thirty and forty years old guys, trying to catch a glimpse of some tatties. So pathetic. There is even a forum thread on this pitiful field trip.

Goatgirl gave the okay for this little trip. I think it was after I told her that the chilly river shrinks me down to a nub that she decided this little adventure would be fine.

Speaking of Goatgirl. We saw a movie last night… Bad News Bear. Not a good movie, but I still found myself laughing here and there. Don’t like the idea that I spent $7.50 on this thing, but I was with my girl, so all was good.

So Ronery and Sadry Arone

Kim Jong II is quite the man of the world. Just take a gander at his widespread list of accomplishments.

North Korean publications describe Kim Jong Il as a renaissance man who has flown fighter aircraft, written operas and shot 11 holes-in-one in his first try at golf.

Now if only he could of taken those golf skills and transpose them toward running a country. Well, happy birthday Kim Jong. You silly nutjob.

Next Gadgets

I want the Zen Vision that is scheduled to be released by Creative. Not only can it play music files and view images, it can play the most popular video formats. A bit expensive at $400, but hopefully I can get in on a special somewhere down the line.

A new internet provider is in town. Clearwire has added Duluth and Hermantown to its coverage area. It transmits through air instead of wire. Probably not as trustworthy as wire, but its nice that you don’t have to worry about a wire getting cut or disconnected. I am considering getting this as a backup internet provider.

Big ol’ thunderstorm rolled through today with lightning and wind. I lost power for about an hour. Poor Spar got stuck out in the rain. He came strolling back about 15 minutes after the rain stopped, totally drenched. On the bright side, now that his fur is dry, it is silky soft.

Miami? Me?

There is a job opening at the NWS Tropical Prediction Center, just crying out for me to apply for it. They want a Meteorologist, but the main job duties are computer related. This is the second time this job has been advertised. I am guessing they did not get enough quality applicants the first time around. Which is also a sign that I might have a chance at getting this job.

So the question is, do I want to move to Miami. I have really yucky images of Miami in my head. I was in Miami once before, about 4 years ago, and wasn’t too impressed. I suppose it would be nice during the winter, but I imagine the summers would just plain suck. Plus I have this great relationship thing going with Goatgirl. Oh, the quandary. A good quandary, but a quandary all the same.

Update : fixed link

Update 2 : An LJ-Cut of the Major Duties

Golden Ball and Chain

I managed to do 25 miles worth of biking on the Mesabi Trail yesterday. The biking was done between Gilbert and Mountain Iron. Not a lot of people on the trail… I probably saw 4 other bikers during my tour. The highlight of the ride was viewing into the water filled open pit mines. These pits were deep, at least a couple hundred feet, if not deeper. As much as I dislike open pit mines, you have to be impressed with what man can accomplish.

Last night I participated in a retarded forum thread. I was chief retard. The person who started the thread is a made up persona. I felt like mocking him with dumass posts. Schlock Mercenary fans might see something that is familiar. I should feel shame about these posts, but don’t.

Condo Assembly

I have started a pile of crap that I am going to bring down to the condo. The closing is Friday and I want to have a fully functional condo that day. One thing I don’t have yet is a bed. The leading contender, for at least the short term, is an Aerobed from Target. I read this review and was sold. Looks like the aerobed has some fundamental improvements over your cheapo air mattresses. One thing that review did not have is how it withstood frisky fornication. Not that it matters, I probably will never participate in FF for the rest of my life.

Welcome to the Cult

Goatgirl and I went to a family picnic yesterday. This was a first time meeting between Goatgirl and the family. I really appreciate Goatgirl making the trip with me and I appreciate my family making her feel welcome. What a great day!