ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

06:11 I’m up. Accidently set the alarm on one of my indoor thermometer/clocks. #

06:26 Looky, For sharing large files with people. #

10:14 Don’t look to Canada for an example of universal health care. Look to France. Yes, that France. #

12:03 Another possible place… #

12:38 Updated look on my Twitter page… much better. #

13:08 Put on pants time. Errands must be run. #

13:23 @leolaporte Developers, Developers, Developers! #

15:16 I’m back. $2000 for the basement/office carpeting. Another $160 for light fixtures. #

15:16 No formal estimate yet, but it will cost about $1500 to paint the kitchen cabinets. #

15:17 I sure hope the future owner of the place appreciates all the money I am pouring into this thing. #

15:18 Oh yeah, my ankle hurts, and I have gas. #

15:34 Don’t believe the lies. Reality? 40 is the new 50. #

18:29 Somebody was grouchy and was sent to his room. I just woke up from a nap. #

22:22 Watching a special on Jewish-Americans on TPT. #

22:27 Summary… religions make people do stupid and nasty things. You knew that already, didn’t you. #

22:35 Hot tub is packed up! I let it dry a few days before final packing. #

22:35 Also did the touch up paint for yesterday’s door trim a few hours ago. #

00:23 Weekend over… bed now. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

06:13 Awake, Insomnia. Must be the 800 lb gorilla keeping me awake. Will try boring podcast to fall back to sleep. #

10:27 Holy cow crap! 3 hour nap after work yesterday, then 10 hours of sleep last night. I guess I fell behind in my sleep. #

11:00 Star Wars opening credits, if it were made in 1962. #

14:43 Back from Lowes. Kitchen cabinet hardware and door trim… $133. It doesn’t stop. #

15:20 Called flooring people. Downscaling to carpet for basement and office. No hardwood floors. Leaving entry way as is. Finalize tomorrow. #

15:38 Someone needs to do a google map mashup of apartment listings on craigslist. Someone get to work on that. #

15:46 I could live here. . Would add about 5 miles to my current commute, but housing would be cheaper. #

16:37 Painting door trim and doing laundry at the same time. So there is a little white paint on my clothes, who will know? #

17:23 Apparently there are bots roaming Twitter. Here is my test. Vote for Obama! #

17:40 Attaching cabinet hardware. And time for test #2. Vote for McCain! #

18:07 Saw this nickname on a game server… Petroviolent Economic Policy. Yeah, we need to get away from that. #

19:16 Cabinet hardware complete, now to goof off. #

21:18 A break from hammering up door trim. Have a yahoo live cam on me as I work. If you visit my blog, that’s one location where the stream is. #

23:14 Done hammering. Also done live streaming. #

23:58 I really should go to bed. Yep, I reckon it’s that time. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:06 Awake! In less than 10 hours, this set of shifts will be done. My Friday! #

04:11 Reading through old posts. I am having problems with then/than. grammar is just recommendations, not rules. #

07:54 Pooped on government time. Screw you tax-payer! #

11:02 Brutal… can go home now? #

15:09 HOME NOW! #

19:17 Up from nap. Why are my best naps after, not between the early morning shifts. #

20:21 Downloading the latest NIN collection, Ghosts. Chose the $5 download option. #

20:39 Applying loctite to bolts for island stools. They were coming lose. 10 bolts/chair and 4 chairs. #

21:02 Big fan of the Mac Break Weekly podcast… and I don’t even own a Mac. Listening now. #

23:50 TF2 session complete. Reset stats on USDN server. #

00:16 Just finished listening to NIN – Ghosts 1-4. Tracks 14,16,24,26,32 I like. 24 is the big winner! #

00:17 Enough NIN. Time for Petula Clark! "Downtown, everythings waiting for you" #

00:48 I must retire to my sleeping quarters. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

03:52 I’m up. I could use a nap. #

03:56 Ah, for fuck’s sake, Michelle. Not another photo update. Yeah, thrust those boobies, that’ll work. #

05:07 Its a miracle I remember to put on any clothes at all, let alone pants. #

07:03 Job opening in Elko Nevada. They currently have 5 active brothels! #

08:26 My comment on slashdot… score 5 insightful. You mean I’m not just good looks? #

08:27 Looking at Mpls lofts. Looking more to rent than buy. #

08:44 The geek night vote is on. #

09:47 New NIN album released via the honor system (donation-ware). #

10:30 More on NIN. Only 9 songs are free. The entire collection is $5. #

10:49 I mark my territory by sloughing my skin. #

10:54 @leolaporte Down south, they add a red G in front of Obama signs. Go Bama! You may now grown. #

11:12 Lucky just Farts #

11:13 The Zoyx attorney’s new dog had his newticle implants. Poor thing is bewildered. #

11:27 I am the guy who scheduled a vasectomy to get out of running a marathon. Spread that. I want to see that on Snopes. #

11:35 Its called, "Doing a KOD". #

17:48 Up from nap… reading up on new processor, Intel Atom. Very small and efficient. #

18:03 TWiT-cast time. #

20:41 Installing light fixture in bathroom. No docs, so I am on my own. GZZZZZT!!! #

21:31 Light fixture up, now Cranky Geeks. #

23:11 Done with TF2. Now a few minutes of reflection, then to retire. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:12 Awake! Eurythmics "Savage" album is one of the best. #

09:18 The cost of living at the condo I found would be $1200/mo less then at the Zoyx Compound. #

09:21 The new place would be called, "The Zoyx Joint" #

16:36 Awake from nap. While putting windshield washer fluid in the car, noticed leak in the garage roof. Fun! #

18:52 Watching TWiT live video stream… #

19:23 Called brother, in hospital, but fine. #

20:58 Audiosurf fun! Song of choice was Ohgr – Majik. #

22:53 Gave the official heads-up that I am shutting down my face book account. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

03:57 Awake. Took 4 hits on the snooze, but yeah, awake. #

04:04 Half of yesterday’s "tweets" were 5 hours off. Had to go in and fix’em. #

05:26 At work, yay. #

08:22 Oh look, Chanhassen job to apply for. Hyrdrology, Drool! #

09:50 Learned that Bill Carlson passed away… sad. #

10:43 Application to Chanhassen job – COMPLETE #

13:19 Home now, left early. GI system hates me right now. #

17:07 Awake. Fell asleep listening to Saturday Morning Sports Talk "podcast". #

18:27 Doing laundry #

18:27 Also emptying hot tub. I think this is it. Going on craigslist after I clean it up. #

18:54 Making Chai Tea mix. One of the few times my house doesn’t have the musty bachelor smell. #

20:28 Real estate agent was here. Gave me depressing numbers. The work I’ve done is worth next to nothing. #

20:39 Ran some numbers, I would lose $35,000 selling this house. Think of the tax write-offs! #

20:46 Surprisingly, the agent thought my red living room was fine. It was the blue bathroom that she didn’t like. #

22:44 Done with TF2. Probably done for the night. #

23:30 Hot tub empty, laundry done, read about Komodo dragon virgin births, now off to bed. #

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

6:39 Awake, insomnia again. No real reason, just can’t sleep. #

7:05 Listening to podcasts. Will try and fall asleep on living room futon while listening. #

10:05 Worked. Got a two hour nap in. A podcast about True Crypt allows for deep slumber. #

12:17 Called real-estate agent. Trying to get a feel for the current market. Sucky is all I get from the web. #

12:26 New drink, the leapling. A shot of whiskey with lettuce. #

12:27 Reading the latest troll article from KK, this time about global "cooling". Yep, she is getting a reaction. #

12:27 The link for the KK article, #

13:57 Almost 2 PM and I am finally putting on pants. I do like days off. #

14:04 According to, the value of my house has gone up $20k in the past two months. Silly computer algorithms. #

14:22 Off to go grocery shopping. Then to Lowes… yah know, just to hang out. #

18:00 Finished blogging about my VW. #

19:31 Finished painting some molding. Black molding going on the top of my kitchen cabinets. #

20:50 Trolling on my blog. Yar! #

21:39 LOLCat fun! #

23:09 Just got done playing TF2. One of the rare times my kill/death ratio was positive. #

23:09 Better shut down. Have to get up at 345 AM in the morning. #

23:39 I am now actually going to bed. Decided to shower first. I don’t know why, I’ll just get smelly and dirty again. #

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