Daily Tweet Dump

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

08:28 Thunderstorms with much needed rain moving thru. I didn’t need to sleep in anyway.

13:28 Nvidia is coming out with HybridPower. With proper coupling of vid card and MB, your discrete vid card is only powered when needed.

13:40 With hybridpower and other power saving tools, system power would range from 50 watts while web browsing, 350 watts when playing Crysis.

19:23 Kayaked Prior Lake – connect.garmin.com/activity/457237 . I didn’t lose my keys or have my rear view mirror ripped off. So I’m good.

19:29 @kevinrose Looks good, but would look better in a Viking purple.

19:48 @chalain Ahh, found that commercial. tinyurl.com/6xvcho . Excellent!

21:06 Just purchased and open box micro-atx MB. Not happy with the Atom CPU. Swap this MB in with a my spare Sempron CPU and see if I like it.

21:12 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/457782 . Humid out, only 2 miles and I’m drenched. Yes, I stopped to talk to a neighbor

00:03 Still looking for that money making scheme where I can sit around all day in my unda-pants. Oh look! is.gd/1biD

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