Daily Tweet Dump

13:13 Nice fitness center near my house. For the 4 months I would use it, the cost is over $400, including initiation fees. is.gd/aeVB

17:32 Watching movies on Blu-ray, is like killing a deer with an AK-47.

19:10 @Lileks If the Hewitt show isn’t on the web, then it didn’t happen. Any linkage?

21:39 Paying dearly for that pasta I made for myself yesterday. Just call me Farty McPoopy Pants.

22:02 Today’s project – add features to my CWA generator. 2500+ lines of script. I’m sure a pro could of done it in a fraction. is.gd/aiFf

23:06 @radioaction Many thanks sir.

11:03 They just used the word über to describe a menstrual mini-pad. Have a Great Period!

11:32 Reading a friends blog. The surgery crew lost the polyp they removed from her colon. I wonder where it ran off to. Poor lonely polyp.

11:56 Blog Post… Cloud Cult Commericial tinyurl.com/5pkfyl

Cloud Cult Commericial

Northern Minnesota’s own Cloud Cult participated in an Esurance commercial. Apparently they are picking up a national following. They seemed like such a cute local band while I lived up north. Their music has certainly grown up.

In other news, looks like LoudTwitter is taking another break. So no Twitter dumps to my blog the past few days. It is being run by one guy, with one server. Doesn’t take much to knock it off line.

I started my own microblogging page using Laconica. Thought Spew. I have a feeling I am not going to get many people to sign up for it. I am going to have to create my own colony of fictional users. Feel free to join up anyway. Better yet, have a fictional part of yourself make a few posts.

Update: An hour after this post, loudtwitter kicks in. Magic.


Daily Tweet Dump

14:23 The only weapon I have for use in the Twit Army is this Toilet plunger.

16:59 Hey @leolaporte, if you want to do a weather podcast.. give me a call! I gots the wx cred.

08:05 Any laconica experts out there? Trying to install. I have problems with session tokens when trying to register. Is that cookies?

08:23 zoyx: Identica install on windows, getting “There was a problem with your session token. Try again, please.” when trying to register ..

10:16 zoyx: @tihub Ever figure out this error?, “There was a problem with your session token. Try again, please.” Thanks.