Daily Tweet Dump

10:53 I now have a 5 1/4″ floppy drive in my possession. I know you’re jealous. #fb

14:32 One way of dealing with phone book spam – www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1bP1Tlbxtw #fb

18:15 Garmin Connect – Activity Details for 5k run: bit.ly/d0PWRH – Screenplay in my head while running involved getting hit by a bus.

18:21 5 days in and spinrite is only 27.084% of the way through this 200GB drive. Lots of unrepairs. Terminating.

20:01 Better luck loading ubuntu on my SS51. SS51 is 7.5 years old – bit.ly/cREJ9U – far right in this pic – bit.ly/9yWwzn

22:29 @timwilsie But … cake?

22:35 @timwilsie Yep, this is good stuff.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:42 Forgot I made this 30 second video on Animoto 2.5 yrs ago – animoto.com/s/a5ef3c1d31bc03a4afe09de3be522db5 – I think it holds up. #fb

12:41 Watching videos like this make me want to develop a game – www.youtube.com/watch?v=adHLGfvQcc4

17:27 @bitterpuss From – bit.ly/90mn6L – 81. If you’re going to drink on the job, drink vodka. It’s the no-tell liquor.

17:42 @commandertim Why did idiots have to purchase the Activision and Atari names. My childhood teenager years are being ruined.

18:30 Garmin Connect –
Activity Details for 5k run: bit.ly/a8jTdz – limited farting during this run.

Daily Tweet Dump

05:23 5k run: Owner: zoyxLocation: –Activity Type: RunningEvent Type: FitnessDistance: 3.11 MileTime: 00:26:21Elevation… bit.ly/9JwfmB

08:26 I made this – KMFDM – Never Say Never (confessional mix) youtu.be/-i_XmYMR8pg – Enjoy the audio/visual blitzkrieg. #fb

09:25 @extralife Not that I know of. But I think Hummer time is over. nyti.ms/adU3dC

10:25 Today’s experiment – PB Chai. I dab of Peanut Butter in my Chai Tea. Yumness.

13:23 @abigvictory You’re in MSP? Remember the restraining order… only 50’… no closer to me.

13:43 Frog Fail! (Dragonfly escapes frog attack) youtu.be/ohcDPgd1V5Y #fb

16:24 This is just adorable – vimeo.com/7677521 – too bad about the buzzy noise. #fb