Deep Thoughts – by Zoyx

I just finished listening to a podcast with Dr. Michio Kaku as the guest. He has a new book out, and this podcast was part of his book tour. A lot of things struck me during this podcast, almost a spiritual experience.

First off, he mentioned that we are all scientists when we are young. That is when we are striving our hardest to learn about the world, and also the time of our most vivid imagination. High School attempts, and usually succeeds, in killing that. Well, no surprise, childhood was when I was most into science and had the craziest of ideas. Adulthood has been slowly squeezing that sense of wonderment out of me.

Another part of the podcast, Dr. Kaku did a Flatland analogy. He used fish swimming in a shallow pond, instead of the Flatlanders. A fish in this pond only knows backward/forward and left/right. Up/down is something he doesn’t comprehend. This fish only tries to explain the world using his two dimensional world. Then some human comes along and scoops him up, and shows this science-minded fish the world with the added up/down dimension. Solutions to mysteries he was trying to understand in his 2-dimensional world, are all of a sudden revealed to him as he looks back at his old two-dimensional world.

So the analogy being, we humans are in the same boat. Stuck in a 3-dimensional world, we are having a tough time understanding stuff, that could be made quite trivial, if we could become extra-dimensional beings.

Here is the spiritual part, at least for me. When I was entering teenager land, it was beginning to hit home that religion was just a mythology, attempting to explain our world. Since I still have this big question of where I go when I die, I wanted to come up with a scientific explanation of where I would go, when my body is worm food.

According to string theory, there are 11 spatial dimensions. When I was a kid, I was just messing with 4 or 5 dimensions. Carl Sagan was trying to explain them to me in the Cosmos series, and he used the Flatlanders to help explain it. I went with that premise and came up with the hypothesis, that when our 3-dimensional body dies, we are scooped up, like that fish a couple of paragraphs ago, into an extra-dimensional world.

All right, could very well be a crackpot idea from a child’s brain. Someone pretty much called me crazy when I brought this idea up in another livejournal forum. I refuse to let go of it though. I need my inner child to stay alive, for sanity’s sake.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:10 Hey guys! I was in a BlockBuster. Smelled something and went, "Hey, who farted!" Everyone laughed. You had to be there.

08:39 4 feet of snow near Harding, SD. (NW corner of state)

08:58 Long live the Mullet!

17:43 News flash, every day is no pants day…

19:26 Besides no pants day, I also missed this holiday…

20:19 Lazy 5k run. Didn’t time myself. 50 degrees with 10 mph nw wind.

21:11 No MSFT take over of Yahoo. But the door is open for a sequal.

21:29 Twins win! A 4 game win streak, and we are suddenly in first place. More of a comment on the poor start for the central division.

22:35 The new Portishead is artistic and unique. Notice how I didn’t say "good".

22:41 New team building exercise, "Kill a Hobo"! Your team will plan, act, then go "on the lam" together.

22:47 Confession. This song has a gay, disco, Queen sound to it… and I like it.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

05:50 Insomnia boy here.

15:05 A fine house for sale. I know the owner, quite caring.

16:37 Woodchuck is back. No I’m not going to try and take another picture.

16:38 Also have a clump of weeds floating in my "lake". Looks like they are attached to a branch, that’s why they are standing up.

17:34 Fridge – Cleaned!

17:34 Ceramic Tile – SEALED!

18:33 Plants moved from dining room to office, where they are… PHOTOSYNTHESIZING!

18:41 Moved recycling and shredder waste into the office, where they are not PHOTOSYNTHESIZING!

19:25 So cute…

20:21 I am caught up on my Rev3 viewing. What have I learned? I am not the only one that ralphs on Jager shots.

21:58 A great lunch with a possible new friend, plenty of house cleaning, and the Twins are kicking keister. A wonderful day!

22:16 Yay! Found my long handled dust-mop. Apparently cobwebs don’t show well.

23:02 Wetness! Didn’t have the rain gage out. Flying Cloud airport, 10 miles away has had 1.35 inches as of 7 PM. That was 4 hours ago.

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Wood duck drake is posing on today’s picture. His partner duck is hiding behind the bird feeder. Taken this morning around 1030 am. Click on the thumb image for full-size.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:57 Realtor was just here. House should be on the market tomorrow.

21:31 Northern MN’s pride and joy on Fox News…

22:46 Watching Colbert – "What if everyone voted for someone who is unelectable?"

22:50 Yep, Colbert, tooth flossing, and after that, nose hair plucking.

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Poke it With a Stick, Then Run

Found on the internet, somewhere. Thank you internet.

“You know Ducks make strawberries red.”
“What? No they don’t. Strawberries are red because of natural selection that said red berries are more likely to be eaten by animals therefore their seeds, and the genetic material within them, are more likely to be spread.”
“Can you prove ducks don’t make strawberries red?”
“Yes. I can grow a strawberry in an enclosed environment where no ducks could possibly have access and it will be red.”
“Will it be red every single time?”
“Well, possibly not. There’s a chance that some genetic quirk, a fluctuation in sunlight, soil chemistry or some such factor could lead to an anomaly…”
“See, ducks make strawberries red.”
“…But I can document all the factors and find out what was different to explain exactly why the strawberry didn’t turn red. Then I can perform the experiment again and the starwberry will turn red. Then someone in India or Brazil or Antarctica can perform the same experiment with the same set of criteria and get the same predictable results. All without ducks.”
“You can’t see ducks make strawberries red. But they do.”
“They’re invisible when they make strawberries red.”
“That’s just silly. Ducks can’t become invisible.”
“Prove ducks can’t be invisible.”
“I think if ducks could become invisible duck hunting would be a lot less popular.”
“See, you can’t prove it. I bet everything you say is wrong then. Like the world being round…”
“Wait a minute, we were talking about ducks and strawberries. You can’t just take reasoning from one argument and apply it to a completely different argument.
“Now you’re being mean and belittling me because I don’t believe like you think I should.”
“What? No, I just presented reasons why ducks don’t make strawberries make red.”
“You can’t even unequivocally prove that ducks don’t make strawberries red. In fact, you are suppressing knowledge by not teaching children that there is even a possibility that ducks make strawberries red.”
“And you can’t prove that ducks do make strawberries red. You have zero documented proof that ducks have any influence on strawberry color. You can’t claim that my argument is invalid while not being able to provide a logical argument with document proof equal to mine.”
“I don’t have to. I have faith that ducks make strawberries red.”
“You’re insane, aren’t you?”

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

09:22 Quote from one of my craigslist inquires… "with hope in my ear, thank"

10:14 Table is gone. Had 20 people email me on that one.

11:27 Another 5k run, 28:36. 58 degrees and sunny, SE wind 14 mph. Perfect running weather.

16:51 Just ordered Mario Kart for the Wii. Ordered super slow shipping, so it’ll take a over a week.

20:12 That IS a great first date idea. A balloon bouquet using condoms.

21:24 Another Mac Break Weekly podcast. Still no Macs ever in my abode. I must be breaking a law.

21:51 North America/Europe cooling next decade?

22:00 "If we trust the machines, earth would be a paradise. Lots of people would die, but it would be a paradise."

22:29 I haven’t done a "Happy … Day" post in forever. We’ll let the inventor of this genre of blogging do it for me.

22:37 I really do miss the vast military hardware display that paraded in front of the Kremlin. Ah, the cold war, how I miss thee.

00:20 According to this podcast, space counselors at space camp are mean. Like "Full Metal Jacket" mean.

00:31 Are you the guy who likes to talk about embalming at parties? If so, you may wish to expand your conversation realm.

00:36 Your house is immaculate! Ummm buddy, ur not turnin’ into one of them gays, are yah?

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