New Domain Name

I purchased a new domain name. It is It points toward my posterous blog. Tumblr has been down all weekend. This gives me the excuse to switch over to Posterous permanently. I would like to know what happened to Tumblr. I’m guessing Hamsters.

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Music Vid: Ladytron – “Tomorrow”

They made an official video for this song… I’ll be darned. I guess we’ll have to make this a song of the moment then.

I am pretty sure I would of been a goth if there were such a thing at my high school. During the mini-reunion from last weekend, someone reminded me of a social studies exercise where we were asked to draw what you would see after you die. I handed in a black piece of paper.

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I changed my Facebook profile pick to Cornfed from the Duckman cartoon. We are supposed to change our pic to a cartoon character to save the children… or something like that. Rules are rules. Anyway, below is Cornfed in action. You can see I have something in common with him.

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Safely home from the commute. My first test with the all-wheel drive car. Forgot how much fun driving in snow with all-wheel drive was. The road had yet to be plowed of the 4-6 inches of fresh powder, so some fun slaloming across the country roads. I didn’t drive straight home either. I paid a visit to the gym on the drive home. Wonderfully private workout on this snowy evening.

What? I am posting on Posterous instead Tumblr? Well, Tumblr is being DDOS’d again. Maybe they shouldn’t be hosting wikileaks.

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